Lead Generation

Lead Generation: What are Lead Funnel and Lead Nurturing?

It is critical to every business owner that their advertisements are converting potential customers to buying customers. The more satisfied customers you gain, the more your business will thrive.

Lead Generation Funnel


Lead Generation


The term Lead Funnel is used to describe how a large number of prospective customers pass through a shaving phase to ultimately produce converted leads in the end. There are several stages involved in lead generation as mentioned below;

Lead Generation #1: Raising Awareness


Social media is a vital aspect of getting your company name out there. Tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be used to market your content to your target audience and capture their attention

Lead Generation #2: Data Gathering


Here you can collect emails, phone number or addresses of your potential clients in order to form an accurate demographic. This contact information can be used to communicate offers and discounts.

Lead Generation #3: Engaging Prospects


Lead Generation


Once you have formed a database of prospective customers you can proceed to urge them to sign up or provide free downloads such as eBooks.

Lead Generation #4: Lead Scoring


This is where you rate your leads on the level of engagement. You determine the ones who are most likely to become paying customers.

Lead Generation #5: Direct Marketing and Sales Approaches


Here you focus your marketing attention to the leads worth pursuing. Often these are the ones with the highest level of interest.

This includes sending emails, calling them to action and customizing your advertisement to reach them individually.

These steps can be modified to work for your organization’s goals. It will cost you to set them up, but it will pay off in the long-run.

Lead Nurturing


Lead Generation


Lead nurturing is forging connections with people who are currently not ready to purchase but with time, have the potential to be ideal customers. The aim is to educate, build awareness and trust between the advertiser and the customer.

Below are 8 tips to nurture leads effectively:

  1. Personalize


Lead Generation


Customizing your message leaves a lasting impact as opposed to a generic one. Personalize by including the recipient’s name and mention facts about their company or home area. Visit Landerapp site for more ideas.

Educate According to the Buyer’s Journey


Disseminate relevant information to your customers by providing them with trendy topics or statistics. Invite them to Workshops or shows where they can get into contact with your product or service. Keep this communication channel open for customer queries or comments.

  1. Don’t Email Leads Every Day


Lead Generation


The fastest way to have people unsubscribe from your leads is to flood their inboxes with your advertisements. Give your customers time to digest small bits of data at a time instead of insistent badgering.

  1. Don’t Send Every Lead Every Email

Find out your customer’s job title, age, location, and interests to better communicate to them. This method of audience segmentation will go a long way in capturing their attention.

  1. Re-engage When Necessary

You can do this by asking subscribers to give in their responses concerning your products. Change up your marketing strategy and throw in an expensive, limited offer that they can’t refuse

  1. Start ASAP

Nurturing should ideally begin the minute a customer shows any kind of interest in your product. Waiting too long to engage your customers could be detrimental.

  1. Create Content around Consumer Pain Points


Lead Generation


A good example is a book called “The Marketer’s Guide to Salesforce” that was sold 8,000 copies on HubSpot.

The book was aimed at elaborating terms like accounts, campaign, events and demystified topics such as lead scoring, sales, and marketing to its users.

  1. Don’t Rely Purely On Email Lead Nurturing

Conduct a field study to find out what is the best medium to use for your target audience, it could be hosting a concert or funding a charitable walk whatever gathers the most buzz should be your strategy.



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