Mortgage Landing Page

8 Key Elements of a Lead Generating Mortgage Landing Page

If you are in the mortgage industry, you primarily deal with offering financial solutions to customers mainly for purchasing homes. You will need to attract clients with varied needs across the board, that is why you need a mortgage landing page.

This mortgage landing page offers you a great platform to easily and readily connect to your existing customers, attract visitors, get leads and convert them.

It will help you to connect with the right kind of people to offer the right service to them, by getting access to the right audience.

What is a Mortgage Landing Page?


It is a tool that is employed by a mortgage company to gain information about a client who is potentially able to convert on the page.

It should not contain too much information but just have enough because extra information can distract the user from reaching the call to action button and thus not be converted.

To evaluate if your business has an effective mortgage landing page, ask yourself if the page includes:

• Collecting a visitor’s contact information

• Descriptions of different kinds of mortgage loan options

• Information about the company’s board members.

All which are critical when you are deciding on the content to put on your landing page and which are necessary for capturing leads.

Unlike WebPages which are tools for presenting information to visitors, mortgage landing page is the tool that collects information about a certain visitor who seeks a  reverse mortgage.

Your company needs a mortgage landing page because it will offer the company a simple and effective means of generating leads.

Consequently, your company may need more than one landing page to take care of the many competitors and to cater to the needs of buyers who have an opportunity to choose from this big pool of mortgage providers.

Home buyers not only want the best interest rates but, they also want to feel comfortable with you as a business and with all other products offered.

Therefore, you will really need to appeal to your customers in order to convert them.

Who will use your Mortgage Landing Page?


Your page will be used by anyone who is in the market for a mortgage. Today, a lot of people go online to get the bulk of the information they need.

The internet offers multiple services and the customer has limitless options to choose from.

You must always ensure that every landing page that you create for your mortgage business majors on a particular product and that the landing page matches with the product.

The essentials for a great mortgage landing page

1. Optimize the Page with Keywords

Mortgage Landing Page

For a successful lead capture campaign and for an effective landing page, keywords are usually the foundation.

Keywords will always ensure that you reach the exact audience that you intended to reach.

They can either be short or long-tail depending on what you are offering. Use your keywords throughout your landing page and you can be sure to have a great advantage.

2. A Relevant Headline


Make your headline attention-grabbing by ensuring that it is short. You also need to include keywords in the headline.

Ensure that it is related and relevant to the product or service and the overall message to enable the visitor to land on the page.

Both your ad and your landing page should focus on financing your audience with a great interest rate. You can consider the following to make a great headline.

• Make your subject interesting to your audience.

• The tone of words that you use should create an understanding and also create empathy.

• Use simple terms that you are sure your prospects understand.

3. Persuasive Sub-headline


After gaining the prospect’s attention with a great headline, you will want to keep the interest with a persuasive sub-headline.

It goes right under the main headline and has slightly more detail on what you are offering. You can include a sense of emotion to persuade more.

Ensure that the words you use are relevant and that they will make the reader want to read more and more. Additionally, they should communicate the value of the landing page.

4. Outstanding Image


An image has a great power in your landing page. This is simply because the brain processes an image very fast than it does with plain text.

A good image will always be noticed even before a good headline. Thus, always consider adding a good and relevant image to your page. It should in most cases be related to finances.

5. Mobile Responsiveness

Mortgage Landing Page

A landing page will always be scrolled and even zoomed to have a better view. Therefore, including these options can increase the conversion rate a lot.

Also, ensure that your page ‘does not choose’ devices so that it can be viewed. Make it available to everyone, especially mobile devices and your marketing target will have been achieved.

6. Lead Capture Forms


A lead capture form designed for a mortgage product will always ensure that you have conversions.

Customize your form so that your visitors can share enough information on how you can contact them, their financial details and even the type of product they are interested in.

7. Call to Action

Mortgage Landing Page

The call to action is usually an overlooked element. People often think that since there is a form on the page, the visitor will automatically fill information about himself.

A good and eye-catching call to action will always trigger immediate action by the prospect.

Use something captivating like “let’s get started” which will be more enticing than short labels. You can consider testing many calls to action buttons and settle for the best.

8. Reliability Essentials


Anything that involves money usually needs trust. People who are in need of a loan online will always need to know that the company they are going to engage in is trustworthy.

They need to be assured that any information that they are going to provide will be confidential.

You should assuage these concerns by making sure that you have proven trust essentials such as trust badges on your mortgage landing page.

If you have a privacy policy you should add a link to it, as well as security seals. You can also use testimonials from other customers who liked your products or services; positive customer feedback is the easiest way to gain trust with visitors.

In addition to all that, you will also need good customer engagement and privacy management tools because a high converting mortgage page is just half the story.

These tools include good auto-responders and also data encryption to ensure that sensitive information is kept secure.

In conclusion…


There are a lot of things that can change your landing page into a great lead conversion tool. Quality mortgage leads are a great cornerstone of your business.

The more you customize your mortgage page, the greater chance you have to convert more visitors.

You will be able to have the best online tool designed to capture the visitor’s attention and ensure he/she fills out information.

Also, you will have the chance to have a long-lasting relationship between the visitors and your company as they will find you to be competent and trustworthy. With that, you will generate more leads for your business in the mortgage industry.

Those are enough tips and insights to help you know why you require a Mailchimp landing page. Better yet, get save on costs and time by getting one of our well-priced templates.

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