Lead Capture Page

A Simple Guide to Optimizing Your Lead Capture Page

A lead capture page is a landing page in a website which is set apart by the presence of an optimized lead capture form.

An optimized lead capture page allows you as a marketer to gunner leads for your respective offers and you can then nurture them down your marketing funnel.

Ensure that your page has the right balance of “reward” and “ask” if you want it to be successful.

The “ask” we are referring to are the form fields that you use to capture prospects’ data while the “reward” is the offer that you give the prospects once they fill out your capture forms.

You should make sure that you ask for relevant information on your lead capture form if you want people to fill them out. Just ask for the basic contact information from your users during their first interaction with your company.

The length of your lead capture page also depends on what level of the marketing funnel the prospect is at.

Tips To Optimize Your Lead Capture Page


The capture form is the main feature of a lead capture page and thus plays a very big role in ensuring the success of the page.

There are very many aspects that you need to pay attention to so as to make sure that you reap the most out of your capture page. The following are some tips which will guide you in this task.

Form Position


The length of your landing page will help you in deciding which position is best for your capture form.

In the event that your page is short, you should place your form above the fold. If your page is long you can place the form above the fold and below the fold as well.

If your offer requires payment to be made ensure that you clearly explain the value of the offer first before asking your visitors for their information thus meaning your form has to be placed below the fold.

You can also make your form a pop-up and set it to appear when the user opts to leave your page.

Form Length


Lead Capture Page


The probability that the user will fill out the form does not just depend on the number of fields on the form it also depends on the quality of the fields.

Most visitors are likely to fill out a short form than they are to fill out a long form. Though these short forms collect more leads they usually collect low-quality info as visitors are only asked to give out their names and email addresses.

A longer form will garner you fewer leads but the info you get will be of high quality. This is because these visitors will provide a lot more personal information.

The best number of fields to have in your capture lead capture page is 5 which will give you enough quality information and is also short enough that it doesn’t discourage users from filling out the form.

Link to Privacy Policy


It is important that as a marketer you include a link to “privacy policy” or “terms and conditions”.

This will go a long way in soothing your visitors’ anxiety levels and encourage them to actually convert.

CTA Button



Lead Capture Page

This is a very important aspect of your lead capture page. You should make sure that your CTA button is enticing enough to your prospects so as to encourage them to click on it. The following are some of the things that your CTA button must have:

• Your CTA button must have a contrasting color to the rest of your landing page so as to stand out

• It must be big enough to be noticed by all users

• The CTA has to have a personalized copy.

Use an Informative Headline


You should ensure that you utilize you capture page headline to get the attention of your prospects.

It is important that you let the users know exactly what they are seeing on your page. The headline should be explicit enough to lead the visitors further into your page.

It is important that the heading for your capture be straight to the point and provides specific and exact information about what you are offering to your prospects.

The heading should also be bold and clear enough to be seen by any user visiting your page.

Elicit Trust and Authority


Most internet users have trust issues due to the number of frauds and cons using the internet to cheat users.

To most users, online businesses are just faceless businesses as they have never heard of them and never been to their physical location.

As a marketer it is important that you include evidence of your business’s legitimacy and also supports your expertise in your field so as to build trust with your prospects.

When users trust you they are more likely to share their personal information with you.

Reinforce The Benefits Users Get From Your Offer


It is important that you keep reminding your visitors the benefits that they will reap from the offers you are giving.

You can do this by including testimonials on your lead capture page. Users are more likely to believe something that one of your customers has said as compared to what you as a business are claiming.

Offer a Trial Period


When you offer your visitors an incentive that they cannot turn down they will be more willing to hand over their personal information.

When you offer your prospects a free trial for your product then you will increase the success rate of your lead capture form.

It has been scientifically proven that consumers find it extremely difficult to resist anything that is offered to them for free.

Most consumers would love to try something out before they purchase it so that they know if it is the right fit for them or not.

When you offer a free trial you are boldly saying that you trust your product and you are not afraid of your completion because your product is better.

You should make sure that people don’t abuse your free trial offer by implementing a time frame or limit the number of services they can access.

You should also take advantage of the increase in leads by asking people for a little more information. This will also help you get rid of those people who are not serious about purchasing.

Offer a Free Gift


As we said earlier people cannot resist free things. If you cannot offer a free trial of your product you can offer your visitors a free gift.

It is important to make sure that the gift you are offering is relevant and also something that people would want to have.

This can be anything from eBooks to whitepaper that promotes awareness of your brand.

These gifts will increase the success rate of your lead capture page. It is important that you give your prospects something they cannot get anywhere else as this will also make them feel special.

This will help in encouraging the customers to share their personal information with you.

Capture page marketing is important for online marketing success and goes beyond the creation of a lead capture page. Use these insights to give you an edge.