Lead Capture Landing Page

7 Tweaks of a High Converting Lead Capture Landing Page

A lead capture landing page is the page that is developed and optimized to capture more and more leads for the business.

It is a use all the offers a company has to offer to capture more and more leads for the business.
People often confuse home page with the lead capture pages.

For most of the readers, it is almost the same. But, there is a lot of difference between a home page and lead capture page.

A home page is the page that is used to educate the reader about all the products and services a company has for its audience.

Whereas, a lead capture page is the page that focuses only on one offer at a time. It promotes only one product or service at the moment. It is solely optimized to sell that particular service and capture maximum leads.

Now, let us take a look at what to include in a lead capture landing page so that it captures more and more leads:

Lead Capture Landing Page #1: Catchy Headline


Lead Capture Landing Page


The headline should be made with creativity to engage readers. This is the first thing that attracts readers so, should be as engaging and attractive as possible.

Lead Capture Landing Page #2: Relevant and Attractive Images


Images relevant to the offer that is to be promoted should be added to the page. Not only images, videos and gif’s can also be added to the page.

This is something that makes a reader feel attracted to the page and read the offer you have for them.

Lead Capture Landing Page #3: CTA Button


Lead Capture Landing Page



It is very important to add an exciting CTA on the page letting readers know what you expect them to do next. The color contrast of the CTA button should be of some contrasting color that should be clearly visible to the readers.

Lead Capture Landing Page #4: Lead Capture Form


A lead capture form having the number of fields as per your offer. This form should not be too lengthy or short but of appropriate fields that the readers are able to fill in quickly.

Lead Capture Landing Page #5: Testimonials


Lead Capture Landing Page


Testimonials are the best way to bring in credibility among the readers. A company should ask for the testimonials from the customers. All the testimonials should be real and nothing should be added by your own.

Lead Capture Landing Page #6: Customer Company Badges


Showcase the logo of companies which have used your services. We all know the impact of images on the readers, so looking at the images of logo; readers will find your company as a credible one. This must be added on the lead capturing landing page.

Lead Capture Landing Page #7: Trust Seals


It is very important to ensure security of the account information they will be using to pay. So, trust seals are one of the best features to make an ecommerce business a huge success.

PayPal and VeriSign are some of its examples. A reader needs to be ensured with every kind of security to convert into lead.

These were the ways in which a lead capture landing page can be designed in order to get maximum lead conversion rate. In today’s competitive era, it is very important to stay ahead of competitors and be in sync with the latest trends in the market.

Some of the points that a person should be crystal clear before starting to design and develop the lead capture landing page are:

Target Audience


It is very important to know who the target audience is and what do they like, their age group and everything about them.



Lead Capture Landing Page


One must be very clear about what offer he or she has to make for the audience. Knowing clearly about it will help in successful promotions.

This was all about Lead capturing landing page. Hope, these tips will help you design a responsive lead generating landing page for your business.