Landing pages for crowdfunding

Landing Pages for Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding can seem like a magical solution to nonprofits' fundraising problems. Organizations are able to connect with a wide audience of donors, bring new people to their causes and raise a larger amount of money in a short time.

While many nonprofits may be eager to get started with this tactic, it's important to consider landing page design before launching a crowdfunding campaign.

Mechanics of a Crowdfunding Campaign

Unlike traditional online fundraising, crowdfunding works best when it's for a specific goal. If your organization needs to raise money for a certain project, crowdfunding is a great way to do it.

Because most campaigns have a specified time limit, it creates a sense of urgency that inspires donors to make a contribution right away.

Well-structured crowdfunding campaigns give donors a compelling reason to get involved. Some people may not be familiar with your organization before encountering the campaign.

You can win them over with a convincing landing page. 

Before you design a page, plan the specifics of your campaign. What is your campaign goal? How long are you going to run the campaign? A few weeks to a month is fairly standard. There are multiple platforms organizations can use for crowdfunding, such as Kickstarter.

These websites make it easy to share campaign information across a variety of channels, including your website and social media. You can also encourage donors to share the link to the page.

How to Create a Crowdfunding Landing Page

For a crowdfunding campaign to be effective, you need to  build a compelling story to convince donors. Nonprofits must condense all the main points of their cases and communicate key information about their organizations to win support.

You don't have much time to make a strong first impression, which is why a landing page is the perfect format for a crowdfunding campaign.

Structure the page in a way that the information builds on itself to tell potential donors why they should get involved with your cause. 

Nonprofits can use videos to communicate information about their campaigns. Organizations can feature someone who they are trying to help or show work they have done in the past and explain why it's so important that they continue.

Since most of these campaigns rely on a sense of urgency, you can update your landing page as the deadline approaches, such as a with a different call to action. If you are closer to the beginning of the project, you can direct them to more information about your cause.

What Are the Key Elements of an Effective Crowdfunding Landing Page?

Just like with any marketing campaign, the different features of a crowdfunding page need to work together to convince donors to take action. A strong, simple headline is the best chance at making a great first impression.

Offer some details about the cause or project, but don't give so much data that readers get bogged down with statistics. You want to choose the most compelling points to lead donors to the call to action, which should be above the fold.

For fundraising appeals, the CTA needs to express the benefit of getting involved. How can donors help with a small contribution?

The landing page should reflect your organization's branding.

Stick with design best practices and don't overload the page with content because it can be distracting. With the right design, your crowdfunding campaign can attract a great deal of attention and donations to help your organization fulfill its goals.

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