Landing Pages 101: The Secret To Social Media Marketing Success

Social media landing pages give you the power of whole networks to promote your message for you. And that’s true whether you want your page to deliver hard sales or sales leads for you to follow up. For many businesses, targeted social media landing pages are more effective and affordable than whole blitzes of emails.

Such landing pages have three unique qualities. They enable visitors to share the page or offer it promotes through their own Twitter, Facebook or other networks. They ensure social book-marking sites can log them. And they allow visitors to leave comments.

Landing Pages Social Networks

So here’s how to optimize your social-media landing page:

Include buttons for the right networks

Each time a visitor clicks a social-network button you’ve included on your landing page, they make that page available to their whole network. In addition, if it’s a Facebook ‘like’ button, clicking adds an entry to your Facebook wall stream, adding credibility to your offer. And if it’s a Twitter tweet button, the visitor can add a message to your landing page before sharing it, for an extra personal touch.

Show you’re for real

You can use the Twitter Faves widget to show a live stream of network comment on your products, services or offer. Crucially, this feed is verifiable – visitors can click on the widget to view the profile or stream of anyone commentating, proving that they’re genuine.

Be discreet

Remember the response you want your landing page to deliver, and be sure your page’s social connectivity doesn’t get in the way. You may want to place your social-media buttons in a secondary position on your landing page. Or better still, on a subsidiary ‘confirmation’ page they see once they’ve fulfilled your desired call to action. That way, they won’t compete too strongly for your visitors’ attention.

For non-professional designers especially, perhaps the easiest way to create effective social network landing pages is with a dedicated step-by-step application.