Landing Page vs Homepage

Landing Page and Website Homepage: The Difference

Many people cannot really differentiate a landing page from a homepage. We will dig in both and consider what they purpose to achieve in a website.

The use of both a home page and landing page have proven to be significant and important aspect of a website. It is basic especially when one intends to get leads from a website.

Every page on a website should have a:


Quantitative goals  

Specific business orientation to drive traffic and generate conversion and revenue.

Landing pages must inhibit the  efficiency for answering questions which prospects tend to have while using the site. When you use agile marketing and strategic approaches to website upgrades then search rankings improve. The end result =>>  more leads are obtained from the site.

Landing page Vs Homepage



A homepage is a deciding factor on whether a user will further explore a particular site. For inbound and standard company sites the homepage should outline how the site can grow them. The growth should further prove that they have solutions that a client will need.

A homepage :-

Occupies a root domain

Gives an overview of the business’s main function,

Links to other pages of any particular site

 Informs the site visitors on how they will interact with you further.

The goal of a homepage is to connect with the visitors of a site and direct the visitors to convert or move through the site.

Content page


Content pages on the other hand further tell the story the homepage had started on. They are for visitors who are at the deliberate and decision stage. They are specific to the content and stories on the other web pages.

Their optimization is for search engines through the use of keywords and phrases as well as contextual search terms.

Landing page


Landing Page Vs Homepage

Landing pages tend to have both major and minor objectives. The major objective is mostly identified as turning visitors to the site into leads and has to be beneficial in converting visitors into leads.

It has an outline or summary of the benefits of products or service and a visual copy of what they’ll be getting. There is no navigation on such pages as the visitors are not to be distracted. The page should be designed to have a compelling effect and keep the visitor interested.

Landing pages require regular optimization to keep the content fresh and engaging to improve the rate of conversion.

The minor objective has to do with searches since landing pages are meant to build inbound marketing.  Visitors directed to landing pages through searches are a target for conversion.

Search engines rank pages based on how many people convert on any particular page- any landing page created, should be a high ranking one.


Landing page Vs Homepage



The landing page receives traffic from various sites, encourages visitors to choose a defined action, stay focused on the topic at hand and reduces if not completely removing navigation options.

A homepage is the face and a common place to anchor your website. It is advised that one should use a landing page builder e.g. lead pages to create a mini site landing page. A mini site page covers important details from different sections on a single page.