Landing Page SEO

The Importance of Landing Page SEO in Marketing


One pattern that is very often seen is that larger and seemingly more deserving businesses don’t perform as well in local search as they should.

There are many reasons for this, and having multiple locations amplifies the need for solid landing page SEO foundations. A common issue that everybody comes across is the lack of a well-optimized and well-performing landing page for local businesses.

Everybody aims to illustrate the perfect in landing page SEO , based on working with local businesses. We must tick our SEO boxes here, but we must also maximize the leads generated from these pages — to do this, take a look at the intersection of lead generation and local SEO:

Driving customers


Landing Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a powerful tool for driving potential customers to any website. Creating SEO landing pages is a great way of speaking to potential customers and enticing them into this first stage of the sales funnel.

Remember, when a visitor comes to your site from a search engine they may not go to your homepage. Instead, the search engine may send them directly to a page within your site that is more specific to what they searched for.

Making The Page More Specific


The topic of a landing page SEO is based on a particular product or service or answer to a specific question of a visitor. For instance, a real estate guy would find it helpful to create SEO landing pages for each of the specific areas they serve within a greater metropolis.

Content can then be tailored for someone searching for a home in a very specific area. By creating unique landing pages for each community, they increase their chances of ranking #1 when someone searches for information on that area.

A company with a variety of products would want to create landing pages for each of their major product lines and possibly even specific features or solutions of those products in order to increase the likelihood of ranking high in a search.

Users often type questions into search engines, search locally, and get more and more specific as they refine their search.

Keyword Optimization


Landing Page SEO

Ideally, each page on the website should be optimized around just a few keywords. Therefore, creating several SEO landing pages focusing on a specific keyword phrase is a great strategy. However, it is important to make sure the content on each page is unique.

Don’t simply duplicate a page and only change out the keyword. Additionally, those pages need to be linked to in a natural & relevant way. They shouldn’t be “orphaned” pages.

Use of CTA


Landing Page SEO

Typically, a landing page SEO has content which is more specific than a home page, but still has the full site navigation and maybe even a sidebar featuring related content and a call to action (or lead capture) with an offer that would interest a visitor at the top of the sales funnel.

For a visitor who is in the middle of the funnel, conversion landing pages may be more helpful, but SEO Landing pages still take the show every time.

If you are running a short-term campaign, do yourself a favor and take the easy road. Publish your opt-in page, launch page, or webinar page wherever it’s most convenient, which might be a subdomain on your main site or even to your Leadpages subdomain.

You do not need to build this campaign into your main site or worry about getting the page to rank, since you will send targeted traffic to this from an on-demand source like Facebook ads for Landing page SEO.

The best thing you can do is keep an eye on your own search rankings, and then watch the experts. It is recommended to check out Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch for updates on your Landing page SEO.

The good news: at this point in time, it appears that the arc of SEO history is bending toward justice. It still isn’t quite enough to just create great content. But as time goes on, Google is learning to value great content nearly as much as the audience does.