Landing Pages Reviews by Rich Page [Part II]

Landing Page Reviews by Rich Page [Part II]

If you tuned-in with us the past two weeks, maybe you saw the post where conversion expert Rich Page offered some of our users valuable tips regarding improving the conversion rates of their Landing Pages. In case you missed it, check it out and catch up here.

Today, let’s continue with this series of posts showing common mistakes that could be causing potential problems on your Landing Pages. Once again, we recently showed Rich Page 3 more user Landing Pages, so he could take another quick look and share some secrets regarding what they could do to better improve the performance of their pages.

So go ahead, grab a piece of paper, pen or pencil, and get ready for the latest conversion master class from the conversion master. After all, we warned you that this would be really helpful for your business! .

1. User: Tarun Siripurapu

Landing Page Reviews by Rich Page [Part II]

Improve Your Content

Tarun your main headline seems ambiguous, strange and not that useful. Are you implying that this really is a problem that women have to wait too long? Try to think of something a bit more convincing, try and touch on some common pain points with your headline.

Also, you don’t explain clearly why someone should use your practice instead of others. Let people know what makes you so good (years of experience, most qualified in the area, lots of happy clients etc). Finally you need to add all of this above the page fold, using some short bullet points.

Including Valuable Images

The image you've added is not very helpful and takes up a lot space – choose a better image. Show photos of your practice, from the outside and inside. This will help visitors to make a decision.

Social Proof

Add in some social proof aspects – very lacking. Also, reviews from yelp, google places etc. This is going to be key.

Also include testimonials from happy patients, including their personal photos. Very important!

And adding to that, add in some logos of associations and accreditations that you belong to – this helps build trust with your visitors.

Improve Your Forms

The form seems a bit strange – a better use would be to offer a great free incentive, like a free ebook on birthing tips, or a free consultation. This will increase the opt-ins.

Extra Tips

  • Add a google map of the business location – this helps people know exactly where you are located.

  • The ‘about’ font face that you’re using is very hard to read. Choose a much more regular font.

2. User: Susan Diamond

Landing Page Reviews by Rich Page [Part II]


Susan to be honest, this is one of the better landing pages I’ve seen here, particularly the layout of the features below the page fold.

Content Tips

The headline seems a bit too hyped, and needs to mention some actual value to the target market, i/e:

"Grow your synagogue congregation much quicker with great new resources"

Design Tips

Cut out some of the blank space in the green and white area in the page fold – this pushes the other, better content too far down.

Form Tips

Usage of the form needs to be improved, particularly the headline above it (instead of just saying ‘your email’ mention the benefit of signing up). Give them something of value for free in addition to keeping them up to date (quick tips to boost your following etc) – this is a better incentive.

Move the form to the footer, and instead, just have a call-to-action button that scrolls the visitor to the form towards the bottom (rather than having a button at the bottom to scroll up to a form)

Social Proof

  • You should make mention of how many synagogues are using your services, and the increase in numbers of attendees that they have seen
  • Add a testimonial from a synagogue leader that has loved your services (including photo)
  • Try adding in some pain points of your target market, and how you can solve them.
  • Show some samples of the special effects that they can use, and samples of the videos they can use – this helps explain your offer much better
  • Offer a satisfaction guarantee to increase signups.

3. User: Andrew Apanov

Landing Page Reviews by Rich Page [Part II]

Improve Your Value

Andrew you need to clearly mention the actual end benefit of watching the videos in the recipe box. Also, take advantage of explaining in greater detail regarding what makes you the expert, and your experience. this helps build some credibility.

This is the most powerful element of the whole page, yet you've just buried it:

“Earn a sustainable income as an electronic music producer or a DJ, get bookings, and build a raving fanbase - no matter if you have been into it for 10 years or just put up your first tracks and mixes”

Put a monetary value on the recipe box (worth X, but yours free for) - this will help to increase more interest in it

Clarify Your Content

The wording you have is much too clever and wordy - people don't read online the same way they do books/newspapers - they scan for the most interesting content.

You need a better headline, one that builds intrigue and interest - rather than simply stating the name of it. Try asking a question about a specific pain point of your potential audience.

Design Tips

  • Change the yellow background of the video interview title - it looks too much like a button.
  • Improve the button on the form by mentioning that its free, and change it from red - red is often associated with warning or danger.
  • Add a timer countdown to increase scarcity - mention its only available at a limited time for free for another 7 days or so.

Extra Tips

  • Also, add a more prominent testimonial for the recipe box from a DJ highlighting the benefit of it - it gets lost in the big header
  • Clearly mention by the form that you won't spam, sell or rent the email addresses of your visitors.