Landing Page Reviews by Rich Page

Landing Page Reviews by Rich Page [Part I]

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes right? Well, that’s exactly why we asked a few of our users if they wanted to have one of their own, personal Landing Pages reviewed by one of the top conversion experts, Rich Page.

So, recently, Rich was able to look at some of our user’s Landing Pages and offer some valuable and direct advice. This way they could improve some elements of their Landing Page and glean from some great tips by one of the top experts.

Check out some of the advice and comments that Rich shared about each page he reviewed below, we’ll bet that these reviews will be really helpful for you too!

Ok, Let’s see what we can learn!

1. User: Jim Henheffer

Landing Page Reviews by Rich Page

Landing Page:

Work on Your Value Proposal

Jim, first, you need to explain more clearly exactly “what” a customization project is, not just assume that you’re visitors on your landing pages will already know.

Beyond that, it's not apparently clear how much it’s going to cost, nor the actual benefit of it (making your house much more valuable and saleable). I’d recommend adding some specific monetary examples if possible, as this is probably the biggest benefit to your visitors.

Also, I think the way that you are showing the customizable listings could lead to some confusion. It doesn't seem to really relate to your offer (or, just isn't explained clearly enough). I would clarify this some more for your visitors or just remove it to be honest.

And finally, the most important thing: you should explain exactly what makes you the expert and solidify your unique value proposition (in other words, why your visitors should choose as opposed to one of your competitors)

Clarify Your Content

It's also not very clear what the free report will contain, and how it will benefit your readers. You’ll need to Highlight a specific benefit on your landing page from that report to give it more value to the visitor.

Some Changes to Your Form

Improve your form because it’s way too generic. I’d recommend testing some better wording on the button - submit is just not very engaging. Try some more action based wording like 'Get Your Free Report' for example.

You need to get rid of the 'mandatory' wording in each field too. Add a more enticing form headline too, for example, something like:

“Learn customization secrets to quickly boost your property value”

Also add in some messaging by the form that promises you won't spam, sell or rent emails. Or even some risk reducer messaging like no obligation, no fees upfront etc.

Social Media

I would get rid of the 'tell friends' feature or move this more towards the bottom - very few people will actually respond to this.

Extra Tips

  • Maybe adding a 'how does this work' section, with steps outlining what visitors need to do, and the end benefit’

  • Shorten the existing testimonial as it’s very wordy, and add in a second short one too.

2. User: Marcus Reed

Landing Page Review by Rich Page

Landing Page:

Design Advices

Marcus, the 3 icons on your landing page explaining your value proposition (skilled technicians, clear pricing, fast service), these need to be much higher on your page. This will be much more convincing than the wording used in blue (which is very basic and not that helpful). It will help to convey your unique value proposition much more clearly to your visitors.

Include Testimonials

You should also add in a few short testimonials from some happy customers, including a personal photo as well. Also you could add in some usage numbers (i/e: how many people you have helped since being in business).

Build Trustability

It’s also really important for you to add some recent examples of recent issues fixed ( this will help people build social proof and to explain common things that need fixing). Add some personal photos of who you are (pictures of the owners) - this will help build credibility and trust.

Give Something in Exchange

Why not offer your visitors a free incentive to get their email address (i/e: a free ebook on common pc/mac issues that you need to fix to improve performance) This would be really helpful.

Improve Your Form

Improve the form. Mention getting a free quote within 24 hours or something similar, and improve the button wording. Something like – ‘Get free quote now ‘would be better.

Social Media

Get rid of the social share numbers in the footer - they all show zero numbers - this is negative social proof and can actually hurt your conversions.

Extra Tips

  • Instead of just saying $99, mention this as a new customer special, and that its usually $199 - people always love to know they are saving

  • Add in some examples of most common problems that computers can have, and how you fix them fast (in case visitors don't know)

  • Offer your visitors a satisfaction guarantee, including a good guarantee seal. this will help reduce risk

  • Consider adding an intro video towards the top that introduces who you are, and why someone should use you

3. User: James Butts

Landing Page Reviews by Rich Page

Landing Page:

Improve Your Content

James, the main content box above the fold is much too wordy (people don’t read online, they scan). Turn this text into high-impact, short bullet points of key information – also needs to mention the main reasons to choose this college instead of other options like online colleges (this would be your unique value proposition)

Show Some Numbers

I recommend mentioning a percentage of students that actually get jobs after graduating and the average grade they get (to help indicate how good the college is)

The Position of your Call to Action

Add in a good call-to-action button in the first main content box that scrolls down to the form when clicked.

Shorten Your Form

The form is way too long. All you need is their email and name to email a PDF version. If you want more details to send via post, ask that on the next page.

Your form also needs an enticing headline (i/e: kick start your education today or something like that). Also improve the form button to make it more compelling (get free info now)

Finally I recommend adding some wording by the form explaining that you won’t spam, rent or sell their email address

Include Testimonials

Adding a few testimonials of students that are very happy will go a long way. Especially including one from a student that has just graduated and found a good job (ultimately what students want)

Extra Tips

  • Consider adding an intro video that shows off the campus and also top reasons as to why they should choose the college. Also, add some more photos of the college in the very least (it’s a very sparse looking page)

  • Explain in more detail the $5,000 tuition rollback, this sounds very beneficial

  • Add in a google map of the college address