Landing Page Pitfalls To Avoid

Landing pages are perhaps the most crucial item in any Internet marketer’s toolbox. They help direct the attention of casual online browsers to what your business has to offer and they provide the crucial link to your website proper. Here the interest you’ve inspired can be converted into sales or your other preferred response.

But not all landing pages are equal. Poorly thought-out or executed landing pages may have the exact opposite of their intended effect. They can actually confuse users and deter them from visiting your website.

Conversion Rate

Confusing content

A crucial mistake you can make with your landing page is to overcrowd it with irrelevant content. Internet users crave instant gratification. And if your landing page doesn’t provide it, the back button is the one they’ll hit next.

Remember, your landing page isn’t there to advertise every aspect of your operation or every benefit your product or service provides. Its sole purpose is to get people to visit your website. So keep your landing-page content single-minded with an instantly recognizable value proposition.

The missing link

Another frequent failing is missing or deficient navigation links. These risk losing you your precious visitors, even if they’ve found your offer compelling. Too many pages also have their call to action ‘below the fold’ – meaning as many as 50% of visitors may not even see it. And if you want your content to go viral, be sure to add social media links so others can share it with their contacts.

Dull to look at

Poor use of stock photos and other images can also be a problem. An attractive, carefully selected picture can do the job of a thousand words, clearly communicating what your business does and what you want the user to do. So seize the opportunity and choose your images well.

Copy that doesn’t compel

Likewise the words you use. Too many landing pages are packed with text which too few visitors will actually read. Most people scan for messages that instantly attract them. So make your copy short, crisp and benefit-led. Ensure your headlines tally precisely with the message a visitor linked on to arrive at the landing page, and are consistent with your calls to action.

Just not credible

A landing page may be a person’s first experience of your business. You’re likely to be asking them to take an action, and perhaps to disclose sensitive information. If your page lacks credibility, a visitor is unlikely to trust you or do as you ask. So be sure to include your logo, any third-party endorsements and awards you’ve won, even customer reviews.

Taking too long

But perhaps the biggest mistake you can make with your landing pages is taking too long to create them. You need to be able to build these quickly, in response to fast-changing market conditions and new opportunities.

Neither your business’s digital designers nor IT department is likely to treat your landing page as a top priority. If you need to rely on these in-house resources to create your landing pages, you could miss the moment.

Platform for success

If you’re in this situation though, help is at hand. Lander platform enables you to build elegant, high-converting landing pages quickly and easily. Check it out for yourself. Even if you’ve no design or IT knowledge, this performance marketing web app will help you optimize your business’s online activity.