Landing Page Mistakes

Landing Page Mistakes You’re Still Making And How To Rectify Them

We all give our best shot with things, but it’s not unlikely for many of us to miss the target. Despite being cautious at each and every step, the possibility of meeting roadblocks in getting sales from a landing page is not unusual. If that’s happening with your conversion rates as well, you’re probably still making a few mistakes that once rectified, might manifold sales through your lead capture page. So, what are these mistakes?


Let’s break them down for you!

Not explaining your product or service enough

Nowadays, a viewer’s attention span flickers with the blink of an eye. If your landing page does not offer enough information on your product or service that you want to sell, encountering high bounce back rates is something you’d definitely find blocking your way. If people find the landing page less promising and confusing, you will keep experiencing less than the expected rate of conversions.


Here’s what to do
To secure sales for your product or service, provide a concise yet to-the-point information on your landing page. The prospects don’t know anything about your company and if you don’t educate them on that, they’re probably going to pass. Create the title such that it gives clarity on what you are offering and is self-explanatory. Add more content if needed but remember to craft it in a way such that it is in congruence with the title.

Misplaced CTAs
The ultimate factor that decides how higher the rate of conversion would go is the CTA button. A barely visible CTA button that doesn’t have a contrast with the rest of the content, and is not persuasive, has the likelihood of being missed easily.

Here’s what to do
Using persuasive words such as, “sign up now”, “click here”, “shop now”, “start here”, “try now”, and other such phrases help in making an impact on the viewers to subconsciously make a choice and go for your product. Make your CTA stand out avoid putting it in the corner of the landing page because you don’t want it to look less important. Using a cue next to the CTA button that directs the viewer to go for your service has been found to be really effective in getting leads to invest in your service.


Not explaining the benefits
People are more attracted to the benefits that a service offers rather than its features. Not explaining why and how your product is better than those offered by your competitors won’t be able to change a viewer’s mind from bouncing back and not investing in it.


Here’s what to do

Explain how your product is beneficial to your customer. Do not focus too much on the features. If your product is cheap, you might be able to generate some revenue but an expensive product calls for assurance in its quality. It’s hard for a lead to get dissuaded if you include product reviews because it tells your customers that your service is trustworthy.

Using too little or too much text

Nobody pays heed to something that is too confusing or boring or has a never-ending content. Providing a prospect with too many choices may act as a maze that will usually end up with the lead not even reaching the CTA. An anxious viewer who gets confused by the landing page might not even read it at all.


Even a display of too little information is a big turn off for most leads. It not only shows a lack of confidence of the service provider but also instils doubts on the genuineness of the product in the viewer’s mind. Here’s a guide for you to refer to when writing the copy.


Here’s what to do
Keep the content simple yet impactful. Be creative with the titles but not too much that they deviate from the goal. Include further content in smaller fonts. Highlight your main title, benefits, and most importantly, the CTA button. And do not forget to keep space between important sections for better clarity.

Not optimizing the landing page
Drawing sales out of a landing page is not a simple one-time investment. It constantly needs optimization. Revision of every minute thing is very important if you want to draw humongous amount of attention to your service. Not revising and testing the product or service to see which template or design brings about the most conversions is never going to let your landing page show rocketting sales.

Here’s what to do
If you don’t know your audience, you’ll never have a view of where your sales are heading. It is important to optimize conversions in order to dive deep into the list of reasons that resulted in  less than expected rates of conversions. Make yourself stand out. Record results for each design that you make after optimization. Repeat the process on a regular basis.


To make the best out of every resource that you put in to increase sales, keep a keen eye on each step of developing and updating your landing page. Talk to a conversion specialist. Lander has been lead by world’s best landing page experts and conversion specialists who maximize your sales by providing you with their expert opinion.