Landing Page Instagram

Tips to Creating Landing Page for Instagram

What is landing page Instagram all about? Before we look at what landing pages on Instagram are, let’s first look at some facts about Instagram and why a landing page Instagram is a key marketing tool these days.

Instagram is a social sharing site that has quickly moved up the social media ladder and is already engaging millions of active fans around the world.

Owned by Facebook, this image-sharing platform has multitude of advertising opportunities that can’t be ignored by marketers who want to expand their audience and reach out to more people.

Instagram is also a mobile-first website and technically only operates on mobile applications. This is another advantage for marketers as mobile continues to get more traffic than desktop. With that being said, there is a lot of potential in Instagram advertisements.

And when you combine an Instagram ad with a landing page Instagram, your ads have the potential to create higher ROI.

 What is an Instagram landing page?

Landing Page Instagram


It is just like any other landing page that uses persuasive elements to convince users to convert. However, the only difference is that it is the page where users land after clicking an ad on Instagram.

And since every PPC ad campaign needs a focused and dedicated landing page to reap the full benefits, Instagram ads are no exception and need a focused landing page as well.

Although your Instagram ad will do its part well in teasing your offer, your landing page will ultimately seal the conversion. Hence, there is no question whether you need a focused landing page Instagram or not.

So, how do you create a well-optimized Instagram landing page?

What elements impact its performance the most?

Here are some tips for creating great landing pages for your Instagram ads.

  1. Emphasis on message match

Message match is indisputably the most important aspect of Instagram landing pages. In fact, it’s the general guideline for every landing page that is linked from a PPC advertisement. Make sure the headline and subheading of the landing page match with the ad on Instagram.

  1. Keep distractions at a minimum

It’s always a good idea to eliminate the navigation bar and other clickable items from the landing page as it can distract the visitor and prevent them from converting.

  1. Consider what is above the fold

The area above the fold gets 80% attention from visitors. Hence, take care of what you place there. Place the most important elements of your page above the fold like your conversion form and your CTA.

Also, by keeping the content at a minimum above the fold, you can direct visitor’s attention towards the conversion form.

  1. Low friction on your conversion forms

Tests have shown that short and simple forms often do better than lengthy forms. Make sure you ask only what is required. Lengthy forms add more friction in conversion. In case you need more information, you can break down your conversion form in steps.

  1. Use benefit oriented copy for your CTA

Instead of using generic phrases like ‘Learn More’, ‘Download’, or ‘Sign Up’,  try to come up with more compelling and benefit oriented copy for your CTA buttons. Also make sure the CTA stands out from the rest of the page.

Visual cues that direct visitor’s attention towards the conversion form and CTA are also good additions to the page.


The most important aspect of an Instagram landing page, however, is its mobile first design. Since the user will be clicking on an Instagram ad on a mobile device, it’s very crucial that the page they land onto looks good and works well on mobile.

Therefore, use a mobile first design when creating the landing page for your Instagram ads.