Landing Page Images

Benefits of Adding Enticing Landing Page Images


When building your landing page it’s easy to forget the important role of images for driving conversions. If this is your first time building a landing page, you might look at your finished page and realize it looks pretty naked.

You might feel you need to use some images so your landing pages look good. using random images on your conversion landing page might distract your visitors from the real purpose of your landing page.

As the old adage goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” When describing a complex system, process or a brand-new object or idea, a landing page image might explain it best.

Landing Page Images Attract Customers


The T Mobile Wireless story shows a basic human need: people want to see the product they’re considering buying. When you visit to buy a book, the photo of the book is prominently displayed at the top of the description.

Even books that are sold exclusively as eBooks have an image that represents what the book would look like if a physical version of the book were available. Marketers promoting eBooks or special reports on their homepages for download employ this method.

For example, the Content Marketing Institute promotes its virtual magazine by displaying an image of the magazine as if it were sold on newsstands. Software companies used to do the same thing. They would feature a virtual image of a software package as it would look like on a store shelf.

Landing Page Images Strike Your Emotions


Everyone knows that people buy based on emotions, but justify their purchase with logic. Images can help you generate positive emotions that make people want to buy.
Graco Company that sells strollers, swings and other baby products employs images very effectively.


Landing Page Images


They feature images of happy young mothers and smiling babies enjoying a stroller ride or being rocked back and forth. This creates the positive emotions of providing a comfortable and healthy environment for baby and mother.

It tugs at the heartstrings of young couples trying to decide what to buy during pregnancy. This is just one of the many examples of landing page images.

Landing Page Images Direct Your Attention


Landing Page Images


Sometimes you want to direct people’s attention to the most important part of your page, such as your online form. Instead of relying exclusively on color, positioning and arrows pointing them in the direction you want them to look, why don’t you try images of people looking in the direction of the element?

But you can also use images of people pointing in the direction you want them to go. Many images are designed exclusively to emphasize or accentuate a section of a landing page.

This is the case, for example, with the pricing pages of online services. Many online companies sell three or four different tiers of their subscription service.

The hypothesis is that color, combined with copy and layout, would make conversions go up. The new landing page featured an image of a pricing matrix with the best value plan emphasized by a different color. The new landing page saw an increase in conversion rate of 81%!

Landing page images can help you increase the effectiveness of your landing page by a huge margin, as we observed.

But you need to think about the purpose of your landing page, and the purpose each image will play towards driving conversions. Never use stock images on your landing page. Stock images are essentially an anti-trust icon.

They make the landing page look shoddy and unprofessional. Use original images whenever you can – and use images with a purpose.