Landing Page Experience

5 Ingredients for Great Landing Page Experience

With all the talk of landing pages, it is best to know in-depth what really matters when it comes to a perfect landing page. The measure that determines what really a landing page offers to website visitors.

Question: What is a landing page experience?

It is how relevant and useful your websites landing page is to the people who click on your ad. How easy it is to navigate through and get solutions to the problems that brought them to click on your ad. The efficiency of a landing page will give it higher ratings.


Landing Page Experience


If you organize your landing page it will look more efficient to clients. A neat page that delivers exactly what you need. It is useful and provides a perfect experience for customers who will want to come back again and again for the same experience.

Getting that key status will help you get more links and prosper in the PPC ads.

They are usually ranked as either;

  • Above average or average - This is to show that your landing page is okay as it is, though still there is always room for improvement. Below average- Improvement is definitely needed for this kind of landing page, a lot of it.

Understanding landing page experience


Landing Page Experience


Landing page experience is a measure of how well your landing page delivers. The URL which people are redirected to after clicking on your ad link is the landing page.

This should be an effortless step for the customer thus work best to provide optimal results. The better rankings you get the higher up the ladder of success you are climbing.

Landing page experience is, however, different from site policy violations. If your site violates AdWords policy, you won’t be able to receive any ratings at all and your ad will not be run.

How to improve landing page experience for clients;

1.Offer useful, relevant and original content


•Let your page content be same as the ad.

Be specific with the request of the client. He should not ask for a Nokia phone and you give them all phone models.

• Be general if client wants options. If say the buyer needs a phone you should give them all brands to choose from.

• Let information be useful on the landing page.

• Offer unique and useful features.

2.Promote transparency on your site


•Share information about the business and what you do to build trust.

•Explain your products and services beforehand.

•Avail you contacts, be within reach.

•State the use of personal information you get from clients.

3.Make navigation on site easy


Design your page well, make it appealing.

• Make it easy for people to find products.

• Reduce or do away with annoying pop-ups.

• Help customers find what they want easily.

4. Make your landing page fast in terms of loading.


A page that loads faster is a dream come true, I mean no internet user has it easy with a page that loads at snail pace.

5.Make your site mobile fast


This is in terms of mobile speed; find a way of making improvements. This will make it even better because a huge population has one.

What happens after you make improvements?


Landing Page Experience


The AdWords system regularly takes to watching the PPC ads and evaluating them. If you make changes sooner than later you will get better rankings and more clients.

By following the steps, you can rest assured your clients will have a better landing experience and that means better pay for you. Why not try it out?