Landing Page Editor

Key Features For Leads In a Landing Page Editor

A landing page editor is any tool that is used for the creation, management or editing of landing pages for optimization and a satisfactory and desired visitor experience. There is a number of landing page editor in the market.

Lander is one of the most widely used and popular of them because of it is  easy to use even by those who are not necessarily IT experts.


Landing Page Editor

With Lander, you can create pages and edit without the use of a code or design skills and without the need to pay professionals. You can customize lander’s editor templates and design landing pages to suit personal preference.


Landing Page Editor

This landing page editor is ideal for small businesses since it enables you to create landing pages in a shorter time period. The visual editor helps with landing page design without the need for expert assistance.

Landing Page Editor Features


Forms builder

They convert visitors into leads and acquire data that you need to increase conversion rates. It is an easy data capture.


It creates an urgency to help increase conversions; a tick time clock increases motivation for the site visitors to act immediately.

Google maps

An embedded Google Maps location leads prospects to the landing page and it is also used to guide the site visitors to a particular location where an event relating to your product or service is being held.

Social widgets

Add social share sites option that you place on your pages in various layouts where you can choose from. This also allows people to leave comments on your landing page.


Lander offers templates that can match different marketing goals. You can choose an existing design then customize it to create a personalized landing page.


You can include promotional videos a in your landing pages.

Google fonts

You can alter typography by use of Google fonts. There are various attractive designs that you can test to discover those that  best fit the particular landing page.

Live preview

Take a look at the design landing page before you launch it; edit the mistakes found, correct, save, and then publish.


Use it to embed code that you develop to include on a landing page.

Call to action

Test different CTA’s colors, sizes etc.

PayPal widget

It gives online shoppers easy, quick, and convenient ways to make payment and check out from a page.

Auto fill forms

You can automatically complete forms by a recall of relevant information that concerns a user, which they fill out in previous other forms. This can increase conversion rates by up to approximately 200%.

Email integration

You should add  email addresses at the integrations section of an editor.


It helps to gather data and statistics about usage and to identify problem areas.

Confirmation pages

Provide a confirmation page that can encourage users to take other suggested actions.

Conversion chart

These are to track conversions within a period of time. Such conversions include; day to day trends, seasonal spikes and conversion increases.


There are pre-designed templates in categories such as; products and services, webinars and events, bio and portfolios, coming soon and e-commerce.

Mobile versions

Most visitors of various sites use mobile devices and therefore the landing pages should be mobile friendly.


Landing page editor allows you to create different versions of a landing page, and still have them under the same URL.