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Best Landing Page Designs Examples You Need To Copy

When it comes to website landing pages the rules that you need to follow are almost an exact science. The aim is to create a landing page design that will persuade the user to do a particular action.

The first thing you should do when creating a website landing page is to get a unique selling point for your product.

After getting the design you should focus the design into prompting the user to do particular tasks for example registering their details. You can achieve this by either using color contrast or use of white space.

You can incorporate an image which represents your product on the landing page to make it more prominent. This will ensure that you maintain the user’s attention.

The following are some good examples of landing page designs that can give you an idea of what you need to do to create a good landing page:

Landing Page Designs #1: Google Fonts


Landing Page Designs

These Google fonts were launched back in 2010. Today they are viewed over 15 billion times in about 135 languages on the web.

The Google Fonts site uses material design for its grid and styling. The built in ability of the site to play with color, scale and font invites people to discover and evidently use typefaces in their various projects.

The site is good as it doesn’t require you to jump through hoops to get to the fonts because they can be found at the top of the landing page.

Google has helped to narrow things down with the use of tick boxes for font categories as well as slides which are handy for number of slides, slants, width and thickness.

Landing Page Designs #2: Resn


Landing Page Designs

This page disregards most of the rules for conventional landing pages though its success rate cannot be disregarded.

The landing page for the design company, Resn, is centered on an enigmatic tear-drop shaped polygon commonly known as “The Drop”. This polygon acts as a portal into the Resn psych. Resn has been able to create a compelling landing page despite going against almost all the rules of a regular landing page.

Landing Page Designs #3: MIT Technology Review


Landing Page Designs


The landing page for MIT technology is simple in the beginning but gets more interesting as you continue.

This site has a lot of Swiss-inspired looks which showcase excellent works of art. The page starts off with a bold cover story which is then followed by a list of the top stories of the day which makes your work of browsing a little easier.

Landing Page Designs #4: Present and Correct


Landing Page Designs


This landing page is neatly arranged imagery of stationary. The page has a background of graph paper, a classic font of old science text books with each panel displaying a beautiful product.

All the stock is neatly arranged on the top menu bar and users can click each category to view the products listed.

Landing Page Designs #5: LS Production


Landing Page Designs


This landing page has an array of gorgeous photos portraying the beauty of Scotland. It also has a video looping window which keeps the user captivated.

The LS Production landing page clearly list their three main services which are motion, stills and location thus simply and efficiently doing its work.

Landing Page Designs #6: O’Neill


Landing Page Designs


This landing page is majorly focused on surfing and snow. The landing page uses images to sell their products which are a range of clothes and sports gear.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can use the drop-down links at the top of the page to go straight to where you want to be. The landing page’s main agenda is to seduce the user into buying the products.