Lead Capture Landing Page

Landing Page Marketing is The Heart Of Lead Generation

When it comes to online marketing, every savvy inbound marketer has some important goals. Lead generation is one of them.Think of a lead as ‘permission’ from the potential customer to start ,talk and market to them.

By exchanging contact information with you, they actually want you to follow up with them. What better way could there be to convert a strange visitor to a potential buyer and a lifelong customer?

With that said, it won’t be an overstatement if we say that your lead generation efforts will be incomplete without landing page marketing.

Landing pages are the heart and soul of all lead generation efforts and are much critical for their success. Without a good landing page marketing strategy in place, you will be wasting tones of opportunities for  conversion.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is any page that a web user lands upon after clicking on an online marketing call-to-action. It may be from an email, pay-per-click ad or from a link on social media, blog or other marketing channels.

Importance of a Landing Page in Lead Generation

The most common use of a landing page is to capture user’s information and generate a lead via a conversion form. Landing pages allow you to offer something valuable in exchange for the user’s contact information.

That is what  generates a lead which will help you market to potential customers in future.

Even with these clear benefits, landing page marketing remain an underutilized marketing effort. According to Marketing Sherpa’s Landing Page Handbook, 44% of clicks for B2B companies are directed to the business’s homepage, instead of a dedicated landing page.

This is one of the biggest mistakes made by online marketers. Every time they direct a visitor from a call-to-action to the business homepage instead of a dedicated landing page.That will be throwing away a valuable lead.

 Homepage and  Landing Page

Some marketers are not even sure of the differences between a homepage and a landing page . They mistakenly use their homepage URL when directing visitors from their marketing campaigns like pay-per-click ads.

So, what is the difference between them? And why is it important to have standalone, dedicated landing pages instead?

Your homepage is created with a general purpose in mind loaded with links and navigation to other areas of your site. The copy of your homepage speaks about your brand and corporate values and it encourages a user to explore around.

Lead Generation

Now, you might think that your user will know what to do and what he wants when he lands on your homepage. But bad news is, he won’t and he will likely go elsewhere. Hence, by directing traffic to your homepage, you will be throwing away valuable leads.

A dedicated landing page, on the other hand, lives separately from your website . It is created with only one purpose in mind: to convert your visitor to a lead.

Unlike your homepage, it is not loaded with external links and navigation. Rather, it clearly directs the user towards the call-to-action you want them to take

.Lead Generation

Think of all links on a page as leaks. Each link on the page not related to conversion goal will dilute the message thus distracting the user. A dedicated landing page is, focused entirely on your conversion goal.

With a single goal, without any external links and navigation, your user’s attention span towards your call-to-action will be 100%. That is simply more likely to convert into a lead.