Landing Page Copywriting

4 Simple But Powerful Landing Page Copywriting Tips

Let us suppose a visitor lands on one of your landing pages and scrolls through, shrug his/ her shoulders, and click away. “But Why?” ask yourself!

“How could this happen? They’ve spent hours optimizing that page, they read the whole thing, and conversion.”

Sounds familiar? Marketers everywhere work tirelessly to optimize their landing pages, hoping for high conversion rates.

They use A/B tests, switch up button colors, and play with page length. But are they paying enough attention to what’s actually written on the page?

Great landing page copywriting leads to conversions. The words on the screen let you have a conversation with your web visitor.

You better be a smooth talker to convince them you’re up to serious business. Here are some of the tips that are really helpful for copywriting the landing pages:

Landing Page Copywriting #1: Use Customer Testimonials


Landing Page Copywriting


One of the most powerful landing page copywriting techniques is not about writing at all; it’s about letting happy customers write your copy for you.

Testimonials produce conversions like nothing else can. It’s impossible to write copy as good as your customer.

Why? It’s because good copy depends on the source, not just the style and substance. Testimonials are compelling because they show the customer what they will experience if they use your products or services.

Many landing pages are great use cases of these customer testimonials. A key to their successful, high-converting landing pages is that they place testimonials front and center, featuring a picture of the customers alongside a quote.

Most landing pages that do well have testimonials somewhere on the page, but some of them use a testimonial as their headline as well.

Remember, your best landing page copywriters are your customers. Let them speak for themselves -- social proof is a powerful addition to the copywriting and marketing strategy.

Landing Page Copywriting #2: Emphasize the Benefits, Not the Service


One of the most important lessons in online marketing is that customers don’t really care about your products or services;

in other words, they don't care about the "solution" you're trying to sell to them.

Traditionally, sales were predicated on the “solution-selling method.” According to this method, “salespeople are trained to align a solution with an acknowledged customer need and demonstrate why it is better than the competition’s.”

If you are pitching only your solution, you’re not giving your customers what they need and want. You need to pitch benefits.

It’s okay to mention your solution, because that’s a signal to the customer that he or she is in the right place -- but don’t push that solution. Instead, push the benefits.

Benefits overshadow solutions every time. If you want to take your landing page copywriting to the next level and increase conversion rates, put customer benefits at the forefront of your marketing efforts.

Landing Page Copywriting #3: Write a Killer Headline



Landing Page Copywriting


People don’t meticulously read your landing page copy. They scan, they skim, and they allow their eyes to flitter across the page, but they don’t usually read every word.

So, what copywriters to do? They adapt to the customer and produce copy that will compel them to convert in spite of their skimming habits. Here’s what customers do pay attention to:

● The headline

● The sub-headline

● The pictures

CTA buttons.

This should give you an idea of what to focus on as you write your conversion copy. The most important piece of content is the ten or fifteen words in the headline.

Focus on and nail that, and you’ll have come a long way. To help convert the "non-readers," you should make your headline big, strong, and clear. Use a compelling sub-headline that pushes your product’s benefits.

Show large pictures that demonstrate the benefits of your products and explain your message. Use a strong copy in the CTA.

Break your copy up into major sections, led by a headline with large type. Use bullet points to discuss benefits of your product.

Use short bullet points not the long ones. Use short paragraphs, rather than long blocks of text. Any paragraph over five lines long can be hard to digest. And last but not the least, use captions on your images.

Landing Page Copywriting #4: Keep the Writing Simple


The best conversion copy you’re going to read will come in the next two words: Be simple.
What did the most successful landing page copywriters do?

They just write the simplest, most clear statements they could. But simplicity doesn't mean replacing creativity with meaningless buzzwords.

Use a simple sentence structure. Keep sentences short. Use short words. Short words are easy to understand and skim.

Don’t get fancy with your wording. Be clear and succinct. Use the most basic words to describe what you’re trying to say. If you can be simple, you can write great conversion copy.

There’s a lot of so-so writing on the internet, but there’s also a lot of compelling, persuasive writing that makes you want to act.

If you’re writing copy for a landing page, the most important principle is to be concise and clear.

If a customer can quickly understand what you’re offering, they’ll be able to assess whether it’s right for them or not. Ultimately, good landing page copywriting can help you convert more qualified prospects.