Landing Page Copywriting

Powerful Landing Page Copywriting Principles for More Conversions

Landing page copywriting encompasses three main aspects:

1. Consideration of what to write and the important elements on your landing page.

2. Tactical aspects of writing a landing page.

3. Writing on a specific aspect.

Research The Customer For A Better Copy


It is important to identify and understand your target group, plan how to stand out from the rest, below are some of the ways you could strategically research your landing page copy:

- Identify five traits to describe your customers.

- Form at least 20 keywords that would describe your landing pages target, this is by identifying the exact products or services your audience want and the words they use.

- Researching on competitive services, this is to know what they do so you can provide better.

- View the problem from a customers` perspective and solve it at the same. This would help you achieve what they really need.

- The inspiration you need at times is right in front of you, it is prudent to choose the best headlines.

Once you have done all this to compile all your thoughts, research and find a small number of customers. Write sales letters to them concerning your product, this is a test run, if they understand what you are talking about you will be succeeding at you goal.

Proper Context Is Important For Your Plan


Have a wider picture of the customers’ journey, this helps you to identify the best opportune moment to engage the customer, the amount of traffic it will generate, the type of advert to use and how they would really get to your landing. All this has specific rules might guide you:

- The headline on the advert should match the running advert

- Your ad promises should match what you are offering on your landing page. If not, your conversion rate will be disadvantaged because you are not offering what you promised.

- Emailing a large list would be good to consider two landing pages, the first comprising of the most desired and the least desired.

- If you have a high number of individuals who are highly conversant with your brand, you would spend less time educating them. The space can be used to educate new ones or invite the knowledgeable audience to participate in a contest.

- You can divide your pages into two, one for educating and informing your audience about your product. The second is for existing customer you will sell them on the concept.

- Your home page might have a general aspect, but your landing pages should be cross-linked if possible.

 A Good Landing Page Copywriting Overview


Landing Page Copywriting


• If your product has prior segmentation condition example fashion and food, this would make people come in with a pre-existing notion or even skepticism about them. You have to tackle this issue by the horns, you have to convince people that they didn`t leave the most opportune zone without making any action.

• It is good to be direct with your audience and have no ulterior motives; it should be easy to know what you are offering in the first headline(s). Lay everything to the audience, what you tend to solve by the use of your product.

• It might feel like you are repeating when you post different explanations and description of your product or service, this is a good thing.

This happens because of the fact that you “live and breathe” your product. You should keep in mind that there are some individuals that do not have a clue of what your product is all about.

This will be informative and educative to individuals who do not know, hence a positive aspect.

• Outline what you are going to say, for example, your headline should read ‘the benefits’ of your product if you are going to explain about your product’s benefits.

This is important and beneficial to potential customers. You should tap into the buyer’s psychology to persuade them to purchase.

• The next step is introducing your features to the customers and explaining it vividly, but before you jump in the features, customers would want to know what benefits they would gain from acquiring the product.

This section answers many questions a customer might have about the product; you get to set yourselves apart from your competitors.

• Explain your purpose for giving all this information to your audience; what would you like your audience to do with all this content? It should be clear on the page calling your audience to action sooner rather than later.

• To achieve your goal, the creation of urgency is important; by using this you are able to make the buyer more curious to purchase the product.

You can use an image countdown, and a clear indication of the available products and timelines or duration of offer.

Landing Page Copywriting Tips


Landing Page Copywriting


To convince someone to purchase a product would require different wording on different landing pages. Carefully thought and placed words could make a huge difference.

1. Landing Page Copywriting Tips: Nobody Wants To Read Everything On Your Landing Page Copy


Research has shown that most web users don’t read word for word of land pages. Instead, they skim through for important information.

Your pages should be skimmable - do this by using keywords that explain your content to any reader, and they should all be the same for any type of content.

2. Landing Page Copywriting Tips: Creating A Visual Hierarchy With Text


Not every word on your landing page is that important to your viewers. The heading is important since it tells them what you are offering.

Information on your product is important, this includes benefits and features and finally how to acquire what you are offering.

3. Landing Page Copywriting Tips: The Headline


This entices your readers to keep on reading hence very important to your landing page; it should be personal and link to their personality.

4. Landing Page Copywriting Tips: The Benefit Of Your Offer


Most creators focus on features thinking that this will entices the viewers, the lack to understand that they are doing all this to satisfy a customers` need. Benefits stand out and earn you more customers.

5. Landing Page Copywriting Tips: The Call To Action


This is a smaller piece that involves getting customers to purchase your product, it is short but important.

Types of landing pages for every part of the sales funnel

Squeeze page: This is easy to come up with, short simple and only requests an email address from visitors. It indicates what you should focus on, keywords and phrases and copy length.

Splash page: Leads to a surprise stopover upon clicking an ad while anticipating to vet your offers. This can be a link to a blog.

Lead capture landing page: Writing for your specific offer, but also on relieving your prospects’ fear of spam. By filling out this form, they’re letting you into their inbox and maybe giving you access to their phone.

Webinar landing page: There are two things that make a webinar worthwhile-the first is the topic and takeaways. Make sure your visitors know exactly what they’re going to learn after spending an hour on your webinar and how they can apply it to their lives.

A Sales page: Your copy’s focus here is to relieve doubts to get a sale.

A Thank you page: This can boost brand sentiment and nurture your lead to the next stage of your funnel.