Conversion Rate Optimization

What Is A Good Landing Page Conversion Rate?

Conversion, which refers to the changing of lookers into buyers, is a vital element in paid search strategy. A high landing page conversion rate means that you have managed to convince a high number of prospective customers into becoming actual customers.

Conversion rate optimization is the process of finding the balance that leads to the highest rate of buys. One of the main ways of achieving a good landing page conversion rate is through advertising to the target audience.

It is important to find a the right balance between the money invested and the conversion made; the ideal way is to spend an optimum amount of money on the conversion process while still maintaining a high conversion rate for the business.

Further, it is important to understand that achieving a good landing page conversion rate is a process which requires periodic tracking and data analysis. It is only through an analysis of your conversion data that you will know what is working for you and where you need to improve.

Here are some points you need to know about good landing page conversion rate:

What do you need to know about a landing page conversion rate?


Landing Page Conversion

High landing page conversion rates are what distinguish average companies from successful ones. You should note that most traditional means of conversion rate optimization are really not as effective as most people think.

Changing the fonts and colors of a landing page make it more attractive and may lead to an increase in the conversion rate. However the rate is very small probably by single digits and often it hits a plateau.

Landing page conversion rates should be studied continually to understand how the landing page is performing. It is your job to find the most effective ways of optimizing your conversion rate.

What is a good landing page conversion rate?


2.35%  is the average landing page conversion rate for most industries. This is however quite low if compared to the top 25% of industries that have conversion rates of 5.31% and higher.

This may is a good landing page conversion rate to aim at as you begin conversion rate optimization. It should not be your limit as at least 10% of these industries have conversion rates of 11.45% and up.

Tips for a good landing page conversion rate


Landing Page Conversion

You should be creative in how you present your products to your clients. Your competitors are sparing no costs so as to attract as many clients as possible and so should you.  A change of offer may be particularly helpful.

A change of flow may also make a big difference. You can move registration and questionnaires to the end so that the client has a feel of the product.

They are much more inclined to buy when they know what they are buying. You can also try Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools that enable you to know where you stand. This will help you plan on further improvements.

Other ways of improving the conversion rate are;

Reducing risk - clients are much more willing to buy a product when there are testimonials from other buyers.

Leveraging scarcity - an increase in desire for a product is sometimes noted when the quantity of a product is reduced. Further to that a clean landing page interface is also more attractive than a cluttered one.



A good conversion rate is a good marker that you are communicating well with your clients and that your marketing and visibility efforts are working.

It is one of the best indicators of growth for your business and therefore, landing page conversion rate is an essential aspect of monitoring how well a business is doing.