Landing Page Content: What To Include in your Landing Page

One of the best decisions you can make when coming up with a marketing campaign is the use of landing pages. Landing pages are effective in converting your visitors into paying clients.

To take advantage of the benefits that landing pages have to offer, you need to have the right content. Here are five tips on how to have winning content on your landing page.

  1. Landing Page Content: Use Testimonials

The best way of convincing your visitors to do business with you is to include testimonials from satisfied customers.

Landing Page Content

Testimonials serve to show your potential clients that your product will meet their expectations. To further improve the effectiveness of your testimonials, you should strive to get positive feedback.

From well-known corporate clients or individuals who hold a great influence over the market segments that you are targeting.

Your online customers have not had the chance to interact with you and your products on a personal basis. This is where testimonials help to increase your credibility as they can see positive feedback from the consumers that have dealt with you in the past.

  1. Show visitors the value in your products / services

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when creating the content for their landing pages is to place all their focus on the product. It is important to highlight your product features and still focus on value. What value will your product add to the customer?

Landing Page Content

Manpack landing page has content that is focused on the customer, not the products that they offer. By highlighting the convenience that a customer can get by registering for the service, they increase their chances of converting their visitors.

Clients will only part with their hard earned cash if you convince them that your product will add value to their daily routine. That should be the primary objective of the content in your landing page.

  1. Landing Page Content: Engaging Visuals

Your landing page needs to be aesthetically pleasing in order to engage your visitors. For better or for worse, the human eye is naturally attracted to beauty which you should use this to your advantage.

Ensure that you tastefully incorporate images into your landing page design. The amount of images that you can use depends on the nature of your business. You can either use images as the main focus of your landing page, as shown below.


Or take a more minimalist approach that still retains its aesthetic appeal, as shown below.

Landing Page Content

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and your target market segment determines the best visual representation you need to approach in your landing page design.

  1. Visible and compelling call to action

The call to action is the most important component of the landing page. Everything in your landing page should build up towards convincing your visitors to respond to the call to action. It is only by responding to the call to action that a visitor can be converted into a customer.

There are three factors that need to be considered in creating a call to action:

The wording,

The placement and,

The design.

The call to action needs to visibly stand out from the rest of the landing page content. It's color needs to be vibrant and contrasting to the overall landing page color scheme.

Landing Page Content

If the overall color scheme is blue (as shown above), a red call to action button stands out prominently to your visitors. The call to action also needs to have the right wording so that your visitors can know what is to be expected of them when they click on it.

If they are being redirected to your sales page then you need to clearly state so. If they are subscribing to a newsletter or your mailing list, then that also needs to be communicated clearly.

  1. Use Bullet Points or Numbered Lists

The key selling points in your landing page need to be well formatted using numbered lists or bullet points. If you format them in prose, then a visitor may not be aware of the individual selling points that you offer.

Often visitors are looking for one or two features in your product that appeal to them. Having numbered lists enables them to scan the landing page and easily view the features or selling points that directly appeals to them (as shown in the example below).

Landing Page Content

As this guide has shown, the final design of your landing page needs to be customized on the products you are promoting as well as the type of customer that you are targeting.

By ensuring that your landing page content is customer oriented, you will consistently achieve high conversion rates.