The Benefits of Using Landing Pages

The Benefits of Using Landing Pages

A landing page is a webpage created solely built to convert the visitor who comes from a specific marketing campaign. That is, to attract users and potential customers who are interested in your brand announcement, your products or your services.

Especially, Landing Pages are really useful to increase the conversions of the following campaigns:

  • SEM
  • Display network
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Landing Page Benefits

1. Customization

Landing Pages allows you to customize it as much as you need and thus to show or emphasize different aspects of your offer. With Landing Pages, you can change the general layout, the colors, images, fonts and even the form, without doing big changes on your website.

2.  Focus

Simplifies the navigation possibilities avoiding visual distractions to a minimum, in order to guide visitors to the generation of immediate contact via form, telephone

3. Efficiency

Allows you to use a more efficient and focused language as the one you use on your website, as Landing Pages let you present your offer with a clear call to action.

4. Branding

Landing Pages gives you the ability to use a noticeable and easy to remember domain, also allows you to communicates the name of the product or its usefulness. The domain or subdomain is used as a reinforcement of the message used in advertising.

5. Control

Gives you full control of your different campaigns results, with tools like Lander the information for each Landing Page is discriminated and thus you’ll be able to compare the results obtained in each marketing campaign

6. Focus on Keywords

The creation of an additional corporate Landing Page allows multiplying the presence of your company in the search results. You can use specific domains that empower some key keywords.

7. Agility

It is not necessary to involve your IT department to create Landing Pages.

8. Security

Since it is not necessary to access the corporate web FTP.

9. Flexible

Allows you to continuous improve your landing page, as you’re able to adapt your landing page based on the results.

10. Increase Your ROI

Landing Pages increase the ROI of your campaign, due to the increase of your conversion rate. This gives you the possibility to invest in different things or to increase the budget for your marketing campaign.

11. Requires Few Inversion

Requires few inversion, because building a landing page is real cheap. Landing Pages are really easy to monetize.

12. Personalization

Allows you to personalize and adapt your marketing campaign for a specific product, promotion or service.

13.  Lead Generation

Allows you to collect quality information from your leads. With Landing Pages, you can start asking for more information to the leads that you already have. In this way, you’ll be able to personalize future content and promotions, and as final result better and higher sales numbers.

Final Words

You already know that people who visit your landing page are interested in your products or services because they had to click on your ad to get to it. So make sure those who visit your page know what to do when they are on it.

Do not forget that the quality and clarity of your landing page are key to visitors who come to it,  being attracted to your content and move to the expected action.

Which other Landing Page benefits have you experienced? Share it with us by leaving a comment.