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Anatomy of an Exemplary Landing Page That Converts

If you use inbound marketing for your business, you probably have the same dream that we all do, creating that one landing page that turns every visitor into a lead.

It’s a nice dream to have, however, the reality is, not every visitor is converted into a lead. One can have plenty of visitors coming to the site, but if the landing pages aren't converting, visitors will never get into the lead funnel yet you need to grow your business.

Traffic is great, but if that is not converting into leads, what's the point? You need to get your visitors to take action! Let's explore the anatomy of a landing page and what makes it work:

To start with, a landing page is a web page designed to help capture the visitor's information through a form that they fill out on a website.

A well-designed landing page will target a specific audience either through email, pay-per-click advertising or a prompt on the website.

Landing pages should be specific and cover a single topic, for example promoting an ebook, and promoting a web seminar would be two separate landing pages.

Going a bit deeper into the anatomy of a landing page we find that effective landing pages answer four key questions for visitors within a few seconds.

The quicker your visitors find this information, the more likely they are to engage with your landing page. These questions are:

What is your offer, exactly? - Look at it from your visitor's perspective and answer the question, “what's in it for me if I give you my contact information?”

What are the benefits of your premium item? - Explain why the reader needs this information. Does it address specific pain points, solve pressing issues, or provide valuable information?

Why do they need it now? - Create a sense of urgency around your offer. Use phrases like “limited time offer” or “available until a specific date.”

• How do they get the offer? - Make it as easy as possible for your visitor to convert.
Ask for the minimum amount of information you need to get the lead qualification process moving. You'll have plenty of opportunities to gather more information further down the road.

Some of the tweaks that you could make to improve the anatomy of your landing page are as follows:

Write a Compelling Headline


Landing Page



In terms of the anatomy of a landing page, the headline is the first thing visitors see. Making it powerful and compelling can instantly increase the conversion rate.

When possible use relevant keywords or keyword phrases in the headline. It'll improve the search results too!

Align the Copy With Your Headline


If the landing page headline and copy don't line up, visitors may become confused and leave. Keep them aligned to create a smooth transition for readers.

Alignment improves the bounce rate and Adword Quality Scores!

Align the Offer With the Target Audience


Do you notice the trend? The most important element affecting conversion rate is alignment. Your product offer must match your prospect's needs and copy as closely as possible.

If the audience isn't interested in your offer, the best headline and award winning copy won't help.

Craft a Catchy and Persuasive CTA


Landing Page


Your call-to-action is second to your headline in encouraging conversion. Keep it short & crisp. When possible use action verbs that indicate value like, “Get our free report,” or “Create my account” not passive words like “submit.”

Check out the high-converting landing pages here to help you get started

Communicate Value


If your offer is aligned with your audience it will have value to them. Your copy must convey that value so visitors understand how it can help them. Value creates desire which will boost your conversion rate.

Ask For the Least Amount Of Information Necessary


Your prospect is taking the time to read your page and sign up for your offer. They won't fill in a three page form to receive it. Keep it short.

If you can make do with a first name and email address do it! You'll have plenty of time to gather additional information as they move through the lead process!

Creating an effective landing page isn't difficult if proper time is given to align the message and offer. Use best practices and test your pages to determine if they are working.

If not, re-tweak and re-assess the anatomy of your landing page. Your landing pages can help you to increase sales and grow your business. Take the time to do it right!