Lead Capture Strategy

Surprising Tweaks that Boost Landing Page Conversions

Landing pages are very important as they act as a hub for all incoming lead generation campaigns. With all efforts being put into focusing traffic to landing pages, it is important you make sure that you use the best possible design in creating your land page.

This will go a long way in turning target traffic into actual leads. The following are tips you can use in creating a successful landing page.

Write click-worthy titles


Majority of the visitors to your page will read the headline copy of your landing page and very few will actually read further into the body copy of your website.

It is very important to ensure that your landing page headline is captivating enough to capture the attention of a visitor and also keep him or her engaged and eventually persuade them to actually make a conversion.

The headline should have enough description to let the user get a glimpse of what is contained in the content of the page.

Optimize for search


Landing Page

It is important to ensure that each landing page has a unique keyword or phrase that will allow your page to pop up after a prospect enters a search phrase in the search engine.

You should also make sure that these words or phrases are wrapped in H1 tags that notify Google web crawlers that these words are the most important words on your page. This will consequently improve your search rank.

Remove the navigation


When you remove the navigation from your landing page; it will help to focus the prospect’s attention to what you would actually like them to do and evidently lead to a conversion. This is basically because landing pages are more conversion oriented.

Describe the contents and benefits of your exclusive content


Your messaging should be consistent throughout your conversion process. You should ensure that your calls-to-action and your description of the content you are offering on landing page and blog posts are consistent.

The descriptions you give should explain exactly what your prospect should expect about the product or service you are offering and exactly what they will get when they take an action on your page.

Use color strategically


The color you use will have a huge impact on how user receives your page and how they interact with it. You should make sure that you use a popping color for your calls-to-action buttons so that you attract the attention of the user to them and hopefully get them to make a conversion.

Color contrast has actually been known to increase the conversion rate of a landing page as it helps to capture and maintain the attention of a prospect.

Establish trust


Most of the traffic you get on your page isn’t familiar with your company or organization. It is up to you to gain the trust of these users so they can share their information with you and actually agree to make a conversion on your page.

You can do this by sharing with the users any recognizable awards, certification or badges that you have received. This will help to validate the credibility of your company or organization.

Test form length


Landing Page

The actual length of the form on your landing page will depend on a couple of things. These factors include: the value of the offer you are presenting, the number of leads you want to attain and the level of sales funnel you want your page to attain.

Testing is important to know what length of your landing page form will perform best with your target audience.