Importance of a Landing Page in PPC Campaigns


It is not enough to just create enticing advertisements for users to click, you have to create a landing page that will encourage your users to stay on the page, interact with the page and eventually convert.

A PPC landing page is a paid landing page in reference to a specific set of best practices. There are a couple of things you have to consider when creating a landing page for PPC.

These are: mobile-friendliness, speed and keywords or content.

The following are reasons why you should pay attentions to these factors:

Page speed


Landing Page

When a page loading speed is too slow, it negatively affects search result pages. If an ad page takes too long to load the user may decide to leave the page out of frustration.

This may result in the loss of conversion opportunities and also wastage of cash which was invested in the design of the landing page. The slow speed when loading your page can also affect your ad rank negatively.

How to improve your page speed


You can utilize Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. This tool will help you identify the issues that are making your page to run slowly, explain each issue and also offer recommendations on how to fix them.



Landing Page


Content that is substantial and also of high quality which includes the phrases and keywords that you would like your page to rank is a must for an SEO landing page.

You should ensure that your landing page is related to your key words and phrases. When your users or visitors to your page see that your advertisement is related to what they had searched for they will be more likely to stay on your page because they feel that their expectations are being met.

How to improve content


When creating a paid advertising landing page or PPC landing page ensure that the content on your page directly correlates to what you are offering in your ads as well as focusing on encouraging your landing page visitors to perform the required actions for conversion.

You should also ensure you do not have too many contents on your page as this can sometimes be very distracting or even boring. The content for a paid advertising landing page should be straight forward and focused and on the conversion.



Landing Page


In recent times people are increasingly performing their searches on their mobile devices. You should ensure that your landing page is mobile device friendly so as to allow as many people as possible to access it at any given time of the day from anywhere.

This will increase the chances of a user staying on the page and actually converting. If your site happens to be un-accessible through mobile devices, a user would probably abandon your page and opt for one that can be accessed via his/her mobile phone.

How to improve mobile-friendliness


•Analyze your landing page using PageSpeed Insights and check on the mobile tab specifically user experience.

•You can also utilize Google’s mobile-friendly test to check whether or not your page is mobile device friendly.

•You can also read Google’s tips for creating an effective mobile site and also design the best practices based on the conversion goals for your page.

If you follow all the above tips when creating your paid advertising landing page, then you will be sure to reap the most benefits from your page. They are quite easy steps to understand and follow so anyone can do it.

I hope this article has been helpful to you for PPC campaign insights.