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What Is a Landing Page? Features And Uses

A landing page is a web page which is used to capture a visitor’s information. Landing pages use forms to capture information such as email addresses and phone contacts of visitors on the website.

The main purpose of a landing page is the conversion of visitors who land on the page; that is what makes a landing page to be different from other web pages.

A dedicated landing page refers to a page on a website to which a visitor is directed or lands via a link both external and internal, and must have specific content and functionality to achieve its goal. The goal is to convert a visitor into a customer.

Landing Page

Many people confuse landing page with home page but they are totally different pages. Home page performs different purpose within it but the landing page is for conversion objective only.

What are the uses of a landing page?   

SEO value


When people are searching for a product or service on the web, they usually select the first page of the search result.

By increasing landing pages on your website, the chances of your pages ranking high in searches and being clicked by poetical customers is elevated. The higher the page is ranked, the higher probability of conversion.

Provides content connecting market offers


Landing Page

Sometimes it difficult for marketing offers to reach online visitors. Offers motivate visitors to buy your services or product.  The landing page is the best place to place offers for your products or services. With this page, sales are increased.

Lead generation


The collection of online leads is difficult. When you design and create a good landing page it makes it easy for you to collect visitor information and thus online leads.

Sometimes links which are distributed on a platform such as social media or emails are lost in the homepage of your website.  Landing page helps you to reclaim those leads.

Collect demographic data


Through the forms provided on the landing page, you collect important information about the visitor to your website. After they submit that form information is sent to the owner of the website.

Analyzing your targeted customer location becomes easy since the page is filled with all information about the visitors.

Types of landing pages include;


Lead generation


They are also referred to capture pages.  These pages are generally used to collect information of visitors. These pages have a form which prompts visitors to enter their information. They input the information and then submit them.


Direct sales


Landing Page

This is the most commonly used landing page. These pages are used to direct sales for a website. The direct sale landing pages provide information and products on services and products the website is offering.

Relationship building


They are also referred as click-through landing pages.  This landing page keeps the visitors clicking until they reach the sales page. Visitors go through the complete path. This page doesn’t require visitors to key in any word.

Features of a good landing page


Social proof


Providing screen shot and evidence of customers who have been satisfied by your services or products is important. When you put that evidence in the landing page, it plays a big role to convince visitors that your products or services are of good quality.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)


Marketing requires you to be unique and original. When your landing page is unique, it is ranked higher and it attracts visitors making them read more. When the page is unique it increases the conversion rate of your website.

The Hero Shot


People understand pictures or videos better than words. When you put pictures in an advertisement, it attracts the visitor more and they can quickly interpret it.

Landing Page

With images, people have clear information about a product or service. Landing pages with pictures have higher conversion rates compared to those with words only.



Every business requires marketing. For you to survive in terms of sales online, you should design and develop a unique and informative landing page. Landing pages are key for any organization to improve its conversion rate online.