Lander’s 2015 Year In Review

Lander’s 2015 Year In Review

It’s amazing how fast the time can pass, but once we took a look to all the things that we’ve done we realized that this have been another wonderful year.

As always we've kept working hard in our articles, but also we’ve created new Ebooks, a bunch of infographics, 2 new sections and even a fun checklist to see how well are you doing with your Landing Page traffic.

So why don’t you join us in this trip to remember the best things of this year. We can assure you that you’ll find some amazing tools and tips to improve your next year marketing campaigns.

Let’s stop the chatter and go with the best of Lander’s year!

The Best Articles of the Year

Lander’s 2015 Year In Review

As you know, our blog it isn’t just a place to search for some Landing Page information. We like to call our blog as the best place to get ideas, help and tips for your complete online marketing campaigns.

Let’s take a look to some of the best articles of the year, segmented by categories.

Conversion Optimization

Let’s start with maybe one of our main focus. We like to give you the best handy tips to help you improve your conversion rate. Here you’ll find some blog posts that we wrote this year that can help you improving your conversions.


We know that SEO is maybe one of the most important concerns for every marketer in the world, find here our best articles that will help you put your business in the first position in Google searches.

Landing Pages

Of course we wouldn’t forget to include the best articles of the year regarding Landing Pages. Let’s find here some useful information that will help you improve your Landing Pages and achieve your marketing goals.

Email Marketing

Landing Pages have an important ally, the Email Marketing. If you’re sending an Email Marketing Campaign for one of your products, the Landing Page you build for it, won’t do any good if your Email won’t get clicked.

That’s why this a MUST READ article if you want to start seeing some results for your emails.

Social Media

We know sometimes is hard to get the response that you want from your customers in your social media networks. Well this year we posted some articles that will help you with your social media strategy. Take a look!

Content Marketing

The Content Marketing world is a big one! And because we know it can a little bit overwhelming, we’ve put here for you some of our best blog posts that will give you some ideas to your content strategy.

Guest Authors

Lander’s 2015 Year In Review

This year we had the honor to receive a lot of different guest authors. This is great because we’ve invited experts in different areas, to tell us everything that they know and teach us in their field of expertise. Find out some our guest authors here:


Lander’s 2015 Year In Review

We love Infographics, they are not only fun to do but also really very instructive. We realize that we weren’t doing a lot. That’s why this year we decided to start doing more. Here’s the result, have fun!

Our Online Marketing Roundups

Lander’s 2015 Year In ReviewThis Year we started doing our Online marketing Roundups with the most important news of the month. The idea was to have all the things that a Marketer like you should know in just one place.

The result was amazing! You people loved it, that’s why we’re gonna keep doing this article in 2016. But if you want to see all the Roundups articles, you can do it down here.


Lander’s 2015 Year In ReviewWe love Infographics as much we love eBooks. Our design team loves to think and design those amazing covers and our content team loves to put in one place all the information regarding a specific topic. We hope you liked them as much as we do!

If you haven’t see them yet, we invite you to download them here:


Lander’s 2015 Year In ReviewThis year we proposed ourselves to do something different, something that is really fun but at the same time really useful.

So we started searching through our customers' most common question and troubles and we found that the big problem was: How to drive traffic into my Landing Page?

So that’s how we came with this idea to build a checklist where you can find every kind of possibility to drive traffic to your Landing Page. In this Checklist you’ll see 16 different tactics, and you’ll find out how well are you doing with your traffic strategy.

But it’s better if you try it for yourself! Give it a try and tell us what were your results!

New SectionsLander’s 2015 Year In Review

This year was important for our site too. We incorporated two different sections: Resources and Integrations.

Resources Section

The first one has been a desire that we had long time ago, but we finally get the chance to build it. Our resource section is the perfect place to find all that a Marketer would need to build and improve their Online Marketing Campaign.

Here you’ll find all our Ebooks, Infographics, tools, videos and podcasts. If you haven’t seen it yet, please visit it here!

Integration Section

The second section that we added to our site was our integration page. This is the place where you’ll find all the other applications that you can connect with Lander.

This is very important because we know that to have a complete and good Marketing Campaign you need more than one tool. And having them all integrated can help you in all your efforts.

You can also find in this new section our partnerships, with some great deals for other tools. Check it out here!