Happy Birthday Lander!

Lander Turns 2: And We Want to Share it With You!

Wow! Does time fly, or what? It's hard to believe that Lander's second anniversary is here. Read on to find out more about our exciting plans for the next year...

On February 7th, 2012, after many months of hard work and extensive beta testing, we introduced Lander, a new, revolutionary landing page platform to the online marketing world.  The last two years have been exciting times at Lander, and we want to thank you for being part of our journey.

We are grateful to all of our more than 25,000 clients in over 132 countries, and we appreciate each and every one of you who have so faithfully followed our blog. We sincerely hope you have found it to be loaded with valuable, easy-to-implement online marketing information.

Stay tuned: we have a lot of big things planned for the very near future. As revolutionary and advanced as the Lander platform is, and as much success as we've enjoyed, we don't “rest on our laurels”. We're constantly working to make Lander better for you – more user-friendly, more functional and even more well-optimized for higher conversion rates.

A Fond Look Back At Lander's Second Year 

This time last year, Lander was a great product. Here's a look at how we've succeeded over the last year in making it even better for you:

1. New Features

New Features

In the last year, we've added three new features to each of our Lander landing page templates: a countdown timer, Google Maps integration and new Google Fonts. Of course what matters more than the features themselves is how they benefit you. So how can these new features benefit you?

A. Countdown timer: Few things can increase sales like building a sense of urgency to act now in your customer's mind, and few things can build that sense of urgency like a countdown timer clicking away visibly on a landing page.

If you are holding a “limited time only” sale in your e-commerce store, or you are harnessing the power of landing pages to get new signups for a webinar or in-person event, Lander's distinctive, highly visible countdown timer can help send your conversion rates through the roof!

B. Google Maps: Are you trying to sign up attendees for a big event in your city? Are you a retailer wanting to clearly tell potential customers how to quickly and easily find your store. Google Maps can help you. And you can now easily embed a Google Map into your Lander landing page.

C. Google Fonts: For your landing page to convert, it first has to get noticed! It has to capture your visitor's attention.  And a new, distinctive font just might help you do that! Choose from six new, eye-catching fonts: Roboto, Bitter, Droid Serif, Gentium Basic, Pacifico and Just Another Hand; each of these can give your landing page a new look!

2. New Templates

New Templates

Great news! You spoke and we listened; in the last year, we've created several new categories of landing page templates for you. And as always, our goal with these is to help you enjoy a higher conversion rate. Even more great news for you: each of our new templates – like all of our templates – is mobile-optimized and comes standard with its own confirmation page.

Your business isn't “cookie cutter”, and you don't want your landing page to be either. You want your landing pages to be unique. So find out more about these exciting new templates here and here. We're confident you'll find one to suit your needs!

3. Two New E-Books Packed With Useful Information

Two New E-Books Packed With Useful Information

Lander is committed to your marketing success. That commitment goes far beyond offering you our world-class landing page platform. We also publish loads of valuable, easy-to-implement marketing tips every week on this blog. And in the last year, we've written two new FREE e-books for you!

  •  Inbound Marketing 101: Imagine how great it would be to have eager customers seeking you out, wanting more information about the products and services you sell. In this easy-to-read-and-implement e-book, we teach you step-by-step how to create a successful inbound marketing strategy using blogs, social media, email marketing and landing pages.
  • Search Engine Marketing Guide For Small Businesses:  SEM can be a great tool for helping you bring in a flood of new e-commerce customers. But done wrong, it can cost you a fortune and drive potential customers to your competitors. Download this valuable free guide, and we'll show you in a simple, step-by-step format how to do search engine marketing right!

 4. We've published over 160 posts on our blog!

We've published over 160 posts on our blog!

Even though the product we offer is Lander, the easiest-to- use landing page platform in the Universe, our blog is about much more than landing pages. We are proud to offer you outstanding content on a variety of topics related to online marketing, including conversion optimization, email marketing, inbound marketing, user experience, offline marketing, mobile marketing, SEO/SEM, copywriting, content marketing and of course, landing pages!

Our fun, lively, informative, easy-to-read articles give you “real world”, practical marketing tips that can launch your marketing results into the stratosphere! Check it out today, bookmark it, and come back often!

5. Lander is now integrated with Webhooks, Zapier and Paypal

Lander is now integrated with Webhooks, Zapier and Paypal

We aren't content with the status quo, even when it's world-class. We constantly strive to improve, so we can offer you a better user experience.

In the last year we've increased the available functionality of our landing page templates by integrating them with Webhooks, Zapier and Paypal. So what does this mean for you?

Webhooks lets you collect landing page data and send it to various software programs you choose. For example, you could set up Webhooks so that every time someone enters their contact information in your landing page form, it's automatically sent to your CRM.

Zapier lets you quickly and seamlessly connect your landing pages to other web-based platforms such as Basecamp, Trello and Gotowebinar. This makes it easy for you to automate tasks and sync data between your landing pages and different web services.

PayPal is a very fast, safe and simple way to make online payments. Thanks to our integration with it, you can build e-commerce landing pages quickly and easily (just 2 easy steps!).

6. Our New Help Center

Lander's new help center

We've thoroughly overhauled and improved our help center, enabling you to find answers to your questions quicker than ever! To make things even easier for you here, we've added new “how to” articles and videos also.

7. Lander's Tuesday Tutorials

Lander Tuesdays Tutorial

Every Tuesday, we'll give you a ton of valuable information to help you get started with Lander. Have you just created your Lander account and need a quick recap on building your first landing page? Then sign up for this free tutorial that will highlight Lander's main features. Our account manager,  Eric Pfeiffer will show you how to get your pages up and running in minutes.

So What Can You Expect From Lander In Year Three? 

So What Can You Expect From Lander In Year Three?

You think our second year was eventful, just wait! You might want to fasten your seatbelts and get strapped in for an exciting ride! We've got a lot of new developments planned we're confident you will love:

Even More New Templates And Categories

Our designers and marketing team are still working on some new templates for the categories we already have. But exciting new categories, including social media and holidays are headed your way, so get ready!

The Lander Agency Model

Because so many of you have been asking about it, we'll be launching our Agency Model, a program that will be a wonderful option for our clients who use Lander every day to manage multiple accounts.

Our New Website

This is huge! Our designers, content team, and full marketing department have been working on this new development for some time. You'll love our new creative, innovative, fun site! Stay tuned. We're about to unveil it to the world!

It has been a phenomenal year here at Lander. We've had many exciting developments, and we have a lot planned for the upcoming year. We're proud of what we've accomplished.

But more importantly, we're grateful to you, our loyal clients and blog followers. Our success wouldn't happen without you. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much! May our third year be as prosperous and successful for you as we expect it to be for us!

Happy Marketing!