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Lander Launches New Affiliate Marketing Program

Lander has been in existence since early 2012 and in the many years that we've been around - we've never offered an opportunity for our customers to reap the rewards of customer referrals. As of today, Lander has officially launched its very own affiliate marketing program.

The affiliate marketing program for Lander is unique in that it offers a massive one-time, up front 60% commission to the affiliates whose traffic purchases an annual license of any self serve plan. Our plan for the affiliate program was not to launch with insipid commissions but to drive value for our affiliates and perhaps more importantly - drive more subscriptions from our already vast number of customers.

Reviews and referrals are the life blood for any business and in order for Lander to continue to thrive - we feel offering this affiliate program to a wide audience is a great start! Sign up for the program to learn more!

Lander's Affiliate Marketing Program major benefits are:

Dashboard To Track Your Success

Metrics are vital. As an affiliate you will have your own reporting dashboard where you can track shares, clicks, enrollments and more. Keeping track of your success ad knowing which types of promotions are working the best for your audience, made easy. Just like Lander.

Creatives and Content

You need the right promotional materials. We provide you with high-performing ads and engaging content you can use to consistently reach out to your audience and add value.

Benefit from Retargeting

Lander has a retargeting program in place that will naturally include all referral traffic you send our way. We convert retargeted users at a high rate in addition to our already high on-site conversion rate.

Dedicated Affiliate Account Manager

At your service. We have an Affiliate Manager dedicated to helping you promote Lander and increase your conversions. He can answer your questions and work with you strategies to help you and your referrals get the most from Lander.

Marketing Technology Software

Lander's affiliate marketing program is supported by a technologically forward thinking marketing technology application that tracks user data over the course of 90 days. The traffic you send to Lander may not be ready to convert however the attribution of that traffic to purchase will still be counted towards your source!

If you've got more questions about Lander's Affiliate Marketing Program - check out the FAQs. We look forward to working with you! Let us know what you think in the comments below.