Lander Academy: 7 Mobile Marketing Tips for 2013

Lander Academy: Your Marketing Strategy is Ready for Mobile

Our final Lander Academy webinar of the year focused on one of the hottest trends of the moment: Mobile Marketing. We know many of you are still struggling to find the best way to spend less and get the most out of your marketing budget, and mobile marketing is yet an open question. Having said that, Ryan Pitylak, CEO at Unique Influence with over 15 years of experience in Online Marketing, did a great job offering all attendees a deep understanding about key elements of a mobile campaign, such as:

  • How to pick the right networks and rates for your ads?
  • How does targeting work on mobile?
  • How to create compelling ads?
  • Best tips on mobile landing page design.
  • Mobile optimization.

We've compiled the highlights of the webinar in this post, but if you want to listen to the full presentation and check out Ryan's slides, you can do it here:


How to pick the right networks and rates for your ads?

Ryan made it very clear from the beginning that you should pick the network and your campaign bidding option depending on your campaign’s goal. After deciding your goal, before investing even a penny, it should be clear exactly how much you are willing to pay for each impression, click or conversion. The selected bidding option and ad network must be aligned with your business goals and target audience in order to increase your return on investment.

How does targeting work?

Mobile Marketing: Targeting

Mobile targeting is one of the most important marketing trends for 2013 and Ryan explained in detail how marketers can choose between many different ways to aim for a specific audience. Ryan mentioned that targeting specifically by geography, demography or device are some of the most important ones. Today we can be very selective and decide, for example, to just show our ad in a certain neighborhood, or demographically to women between 30 and 50 years old who use only IPhones. Which targeting option to choose will depend ultimately on set goals and your campaigns, but a combination of them and good testing will give you the best answer. It’s important to understand the situation in which the visitor sees your ad and clicks on it from a mobile device, which is why Ryan gave some important tips on creating good ads.

How to create compelling ads?

First of all, speaking of Mobile ads, if people don't understand where the ad redirects them, they just simply won't click on it. That’s why the most important parts of the ad (the headline, the value proposition and the call to action) should give the visitor a clear idea of what he or she will get after clicking. So if you create a clear and attractive title explaining your offer, a good value proposition explaining the benefits and a clear and easy to click call to action, it should be clear to your visitors what they will get, where they will direct, and no problem getting them to click on it.

Best practices for mobile Landing Pages

Mobile Landing Pages
One of the topics that raised some eyebrows among the audience was mobile landing page design itself. Ryan shared his thoughts on this in 4 simple steps:

  1. Connect your title with the ad: don’t lose your visitors.
  2. Focus on the benefit.
  3. Have a good call to action.
  4. Test.

As an extra tip, Ryan explained that it is essential that the mobile experience you offer your visitors must be a good one to have a successful campaign. So lets face it, if you want to be competitive with mobile marketing, you will need an optimized mobile landing page.

Mobile optimization

The final bit of advice from Ryan was really simple: Test, test test and keep on testing! Constantly adjust your campaign to improve your results and optimize every step of your marketing funnel to improve your registration, payment, retention and referral results.

Mobile is not just for the future, mobile is for right now! You need to keep this in mind regarding your marketing strategy, and decide how much of your budget will go to mobile. In this, the final Lander Academy webinar of 2012, Ryan Pitylak provided you with some resources to help you make better choices and make your next marketing campaigns much more successful thanks to mobile.

Last but not least, Lander Academy winner is Maria T. Valle (@gingerita) who tweeted all webinar long using our hashtag #LanderAcademy and won an amazing Lander t-shirt. Congratulations Maria!