Landing Page optimization for people not for visits

Lander Academy: Landing Page optimization for people, not for visits


March is here and as usual Lander is giving you a new class. This time in our Lander Academy we'll have the chance to listen to Xavier Colomés Sr Web Analytic from Intuit, he'll show us how to use Personas to increase conversions.

Maybe your Landing Pages are not converting the way you'd like, well that could be because you're not making the correct content for each kind of your visitors. So this could be what you need to boost your numbers! When is the event? On Wednesday March 27th at 2 PM CDT (Click here to see yours), so as you can see our Lander Academy is almost here! Write it down on your Calendar, find a gap and save your seat here!

Xavier will explain different concepts along the Webinar, first of all he's gonna show you What a Persona is . If you never heard this term, or you heard it but you never got involved with it, now you won't have excuses. He is also gonna talk about how to work when we don't have personas and how to identify the main roles coming to your site.

And in case you have any doubt Xavier will bring us several real examples, to recognize the different landing pages you can build for specific types of visitors, you'll learn how to build scenarios that will convert your site visitors into customers.

So this is your opportunity to improve your pages, get involve with your audience and start building Landing Pages for people not just for visits. Save your seat now here, we hope to see you there!

About Xavier Colomés

Xavier Colomés

He is Sr Web Analyst at Intuit UK . He started working in Social Media in 2009 when he graduated as a Brand Community Manager. He worked for Bayer Euroservice from 2006 until 2010 as a web and development consultant.

From December 2010 to May 2011 he was responsible for web analytics, SEO and social media strategy of Mundo Deportivo. He has his own blog Conversion Garden where he writes about Social Media, Web Analytics and SEO

So remember this date, next Wednesday March 27th at 2 PM CDT. Hurry up, March Lander Academy is around the corner, reserve your seat here and see you there!