Lander Academy: How to conduct Usability Testing to unveil your site’s problems

Lander Academy: How to conduct Usability Testing to unveil your Site’s Problems

Are you having some issues with your site? Are your visitors abandoning your page in droves and you don’t even know why?  Then join us in our next Lander Academy with the folks of In this next week’s Free Webinar we’ll have the honor of listening to Phil Sharp Marketing Manager at Save your seat now!

On next Wednesday, August 28th, Phil will show us during this webinar exactly how we can conduct usability testing and unveil any hidden issues with our websites that might be hurting us. At the same time, we’re also going to find out what improvements we’ll need to make to our sites thanks to Phil and our friends at in this Free Webinar.

Phil’s not only going to show us ways to conduct these tests, but how these changes will greatly impact our conversions, profits, and even our customer satisfaction. Thanks to the guys over at we’ll finally see and understand “where” users are getting stuck and “why” they abandon our websites.

Phil is also going to teach us how we can create a proper testing strategy for mobile devices and take advantage of this growing trend as well. So don’t miss this opportunity to make a huge dent in your losses and bring big changes in your conversions and profits!

Register now for this Lander Academy and find out what problems were affecting your websites and hurting your numbers.

As we said previously Phil Sharp is Marketing Manager at . In case you haven’t heard about them, is the fastest way to find out why visitors leave your website. Check out with them how you can boost your bottom line by uncovering the top usability design mistakes and web usability problems.

Ok.. let’s sum up everything and read why you need to attend this Free Webinar:

  • Discover how User Testing can help you unveil website issues.
  • Create a testing strategy to increase conversion rates.
  • Find out how to conduct a test with Mobile devices and tablets.
  • Learn why you should start including User Testing in your Marketing Strategy.


So remember next Wednesday August 28th at 2 pm CDT (Check yours here) Mark this date down on your calendar and enjoy our new Lander Academy Webinar. Register here!

About Phil Sharp

About Phil Sharp

Phil Sharp is Marketing Manager at and he uncovers insights about design, UX, and conversion rate optimization, and then shares them with the rest of the world. Phil is passionate about making the web a better place and is focused on making it as easy as possible for companies to improve their sites and apps. He’s Kind of like Indiana Jones, but without the hat, whip, or dashing good looks