Lander Academy: Beginners Tutorial for Creating Landing Pages

Lander Academy Tutorial #2: Get the most of your Landing Pages


A new Lander academy is around the corner!  This time in our Free Webinar, we’re giving a Beginner's Tutorial  for Creating Landing Pages. This is your chance to learn How to get the most out of your landing pages using Lander, including an easy step by step on how to create them and the best tips and tricks on how to optimize it and improve its results. So Register now for our Free Webinar and start building Landing Pages by yourself in just minutes!

Next Tuesday, April 30th at 1PM CST (click here to see your time)  you’ll have the opportunity to attend at this free one-hour tutorial by our Account Manager Eric PfeifferYou’ll learn how to create high-converting landing pages and you'll see that is not something that takes many hours of work. Our Account Manager will teach you how easy it is to make and customize one with Lander. After this tutorial you’ll be able to try Lander without concerns and see that building Landing Pages is not a Rocket Science!

With this tutorial you are gonna see that you don't need to be a professional and also it’s not necessary to have a Graphic Designer or a developer behind your back, you won’t have to wait for them anymore, you will learn everything that it takes to make a wonderful Landing Page.

This webinar will show you how to easily create CTAs and forms and how to include them in your landing page in seconds. Also in this Lander Academy you’ll learn how to run A/B Tests and optimize for better conversions.

Eric will show you how simple it is to understand your conversion chart and how your clicks and leads work: you’ll find that’s really easy to check how your landing page is working.

This Lander Academy will also show you  how to use Social Networks to boost response and to include them into your Landing Pages.

And last but not least we’ll teach you how to integrate your landing with your Email, Google Analytics and more. Also we are gonna explain all about how to create a Mobile Version of your Landing Page.

So here’s your chance to stop fighting with landing pages, we'll show you that it's easier than you think! Save your seat for this tutorial because in just one hour you'll learn all these tips:

  • How to create a high-converting landing page in minutes
  • How to easily include and customize your CTAs and forms.
  • Learn how to use Social Networks to boost response.
  • How to run an A/B Test and optimize for better conversions.
  • Integrations: Email, Google Analytics and more.
  • How to create a Mobile version of your landing page.


April 30th is not that far so take this opportunity and register here in our Lander Academy: Tutorial. You can’t miss this occasion to learn everything you thought you’d never know about Landing Pages, you’ll see that Lander is really intuitive to use!