Video Squeeze Page

Essentials of a High Converting Video Squeeze Page

If you are an online marketer that has never tried a video squeeze page, you are missing out on a lot. Squeeze pages together with video marketing are fundamentals of successful online marketing.

So,  if you require to rebrand yourself, get more traffic and take your business to the next level, or are looking for a way to start your online marketing, killer video squeeze page is the way for you.

What is a Squeeze Page?


A squeeze page is a landing page whose purpose is to collect information of potential clients. It is basically a way of persuading potential clients to click on your page and leave their email address there.

A squeeze page drives traffic to your website, including potential clients who can make your business grow.

Having people clicking on the squeeze page is important as it builds one’s email list, by having the viewers subscribe.

A good email list improves your business as you can promote products or services and not only increase the number of clients but also keep them informed.

In the internet world, the potential clientele base is vast and endless. You will want to find ways to tap into this gold mine, and squeeze pages are a sure way to do so. With a little bit of creativity and uniqueness, squeeze pages will work for you.

Why a Video Squeeze Page?


The type of squeeze page depends on your preference, what you find best for your specific target audience.

Consider internet users, a person reading some article in a website where your squeeze page may appear.

He or she sees your squeeze page. How long does it take to look at it? How long before they scroll up and move away from it?

A few seconds, a minute if we’re pushing it. That is all the time you have to make your move, and have them interested enough to go ahead and provide their email address to be added to your email list.

This small window of opportunity makes all the difference between a successful marketing strategy and a fail.

To really utilize this opportunity, you need to attract your clients visually. Videos are not only engaging they are also interesting to see, and attract the audience, keeping their attention for longer than those few seconds it takes to move on.

A killer video squeeze page allows for the online marketer to take part in video marketing as well as using squeeze pages.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone. You get to have a more interactive form of marketing for you and your target market.

All this comes without resorting to actual video marketing thus saving a lot of time that would have otherwise been used on having both the squeeze page and video marketing differently.

The killer video squeeze page is even more relevant for new products as one can see the new product and its use practically and have a better feel of it than if it was a simple image or words describing it.

What are the elements of a successful killer video squeeze page?

A compelling Headline


Video Squeeze Page


The headline is the backbone of a killer video squeeze page. It determines whether the interest of the viewer will be piqued enough to move on to the video itself.

You will need to come up with a compelling headline; one that is precise and straight to the point. It should have the ability to show the viewer why he or she needs to look into the squeeze page, what they will gain from it.

This way, it is hard to ignore as the viewer will want to find out more, lest they miss an amazing offer.

Short Video


Keep the video short and to the point. It should be well-orchestrated, and should contain a summary of your message.

Ideally, the video is what keeps the viewers on the squeeze page, such that instead of a few seconds, they spend more time on it.

This allows for doubts to be done away with and encourages more conversions from the viewers.



This refers to a good flow without sudden breaks in plot or changes that may bring about confusion.

You don’t want to confuse the potential clients. One wrong move and they are back to whatever they were doing before your ad popped into their lives.

This applies to the whole process of clicking on an ad and being directed to the firm’s page.

There needs to be a connection to both. The continuity is vital for a successful killer video squeeze page.

Compelling Narrative


This right here is the main attraction for the viewer. Once they see the video, they need to feel moved.

They need to be convinced that their lives will not be the same once they click on that ad. The viewer should be able to see what is being offered to them and why they need it.

This is where you sell them your idea and get them onboard with you. They will either sign up or not depending on how compelling you are.

One Main Goal


Should the client sign up or visit a web page? Should they buy an item? What specific thing do you require for them to do?

This is what you should aim for. The whole layout should be aimed at achieving one goal only, from the video to the headlines and any other content.

Ensure that you do not confuse your potential clients. Be precise about what they are to do.

Do not give them options as that may make them less willing to join your email list. Stick to one goal at a time for optimum conversion.



Show the clients what they stand to get by clicking on to your killer video squeeze page. This is more of a sneak peek of what one should expect.

This creates trust for the potential clients such that they are more receptive to your offer.

For instance if what you offer is a mobile phone app, you can have a demonstration of how the app works, so that the people know in advance what exactly they will get.



Mention the features of the product or service being advertised. What exactly are the potential customers being offered?

You can put these as solutions to problems, thus showing the client why they need the product or service.



What does the client stand to gain by subscribing? The benefits back the features up.

This way, in addition to what they are being offered, the client also finds out what extra things they get from the deal.

Social Proof


Video Squeeze Page


When you are about to buy a product or a service for the first time, you may have asked for advice from another person who has used it before.

This scenario is the same in online marketing. Viewers require reassurances from others who have been there before.

Offer this to them if available. It may be in the form of testimonials, case studies or number of people who have used the service before.

This may answer any questions they may have concerning the product or service, as well as increase the credibility of the firm.