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Hot Tips To Do White Paper Marketing The Right Way

White papers are one of the most effective content marketing techniques to generate leads and attract interest from potential customers. In this article we looked at tips of doing white paper marketing.

Before we give you tips on making the most out of this technique, let’s first look at the question:

What is a white paper?

A white paper is an authoritative and in-depth report on a particular topic that presents a problem and its solutions. They are created by marketers to educate their audience about a particular issue or explain a certain solution or methodology.

White papers are heavily based on research and present industry data and statistics. However, a common area where marketers go wrong is with white paper marketing.

Spending hours writing a high quality and authoritative white paper does not automatically mean people will download and read it as well. How do you promote your white paper to generate valuable leads and get more people to download it?

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Here are the top white paper marketing tips that will help you make the most out of it.

White Paper Marketing Tip #1: Create a Well-Optimized Landing Page


White Paper Marketing

A focused landing page is a must have when it comes to promoting your white paper. Without a well-converting landing page, all your marketing efforts and the hard work gone in creating the white paper will go in vain.

Your landing page should clearly explain what value the white paper provides and why the reader should download and read it. It should also follow the general guidelines of creating a well optimized landing page.

White Paper Marketing Tip #2: Team Up With an Industry Association


Look up industry associations and look for opportunities to partner with them to promote or develop the white paper. These associations and companies can help you with the research of your white paper and will also distribute those to prospects.

White Paper Marketing Tip #3: Promote in Conferences


White Paper Marketing

Take advantage of speaking opportunities at conferences. Speak about the data and insights from your white paper and give the people a reason to go and download it.

Most conferences also rely on content marketing in the form of videos, blog posts and white papers as a way to promote themselves. Hence, you can take advantage of a partnership opportunity so they can get your white paper in front of their audience.

White Paper Marketing Tip #4: Use Bloggers

When writing your white paper, try to interview some influential journalists and bloggers. This way there is a good chance they will help you promote it or even write about it.

Moreover, compile a list of the top bloggers in your industry and send out a message to them asking them to give a shout out about the white paper.

White Paper Marketing Tip #5: Advertisments

One sure fire way to get people to visit your white paper landing page is through advertisement. There are many options when it comes to advertising.

If you think there are certain keywords people search for that suggest that they are looking for the information your white paper provides, Google Adwords campaign can be an effective way to promote it.

You can also buy advertising space on relevant authority sites and forums to drive traffic to your landing page. Facebook promoted page posts are also worth trying.

White Paper Marketing Tip #6: Host a Related Webinar or Event

By hosting a webinar, event or a meet up where you offer your white paper as a gift to participants, you can drive up downloads and generate valuable leads.