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The Ultimate Lead Capture Page That Really Converts

Online businesses that have the best landing pages for their customers and visitors retain most of their visitors on their websites. Creating a lead capture page template is the best way to collect leads for your business pages, convert them, and retain them.

However, not most people are conversant with how lead capture works. Using the best landing page template will help you create the best landing page for your customers.

Therefore, there is need to learn about the creation of the best lead landing page. Let’s first take a look at what a lead capture landing page is, its purpose, and how is for the benefit of your business.

What is a Lead Page?


A lead page is a landing page that assists you in collecting leads for your promotion. It is a page developed and optimized to create more leads for a business.

What is the Importance of Creating a Lead Capture Page?


A lead is the contact information of a prospective customer, action taker or visitor on your business website. A lead capture page, therefore, is a tool which helps in gathering the important information for your potential customers for target marketing.

A lead page helps you to build a better relationship with your customers by quickly introducing your prospects to your marketing funnel.

Creation of Your Own Lead Capture Page is Quite Advantageous:

• One because it is quite cost-effective. You will not require paying anyone to develop the page.

• The second advantage is that then you will have total control of your page. You will have complete knowledge of your lead page and therefore able to use it effectively in your marketing options.

• Creation of lead capture page can be done in minutes once you have pre-optimized templates.

To get the full benefits of a lead capture page, it is best that one understands the requisite features required.

At Lander, that is what we do. We have professionals with the experience and skills to design and create the best-customized lead capture pages for your business.

Every business is unique even when they are selling the same or similar products and you need this factored in on your lead capture page to get the customer s you want.

Tips to Make a Lead Page Capture More Leads

Create an Eye-Catching Headline

Lead Capture Page

You should ensure that the headline you give to your page attracts your readers. Remember the more customers you attract the more likely you will sale.

You should show creativity while developing the headline to attract as many customers as you can.

Add Relevant and Attractive Images to Your Page


Images can make the page look attractive and as a result, the customer reads the offer you having for them.  Customers tend to shop for what you can see.

You can also include videos on your landing page containing information about products of you are having.

Include a Lead Capture Form

Lead Capture Page

A lead capture form should not be too lengthy or too short but of appropriate length.   The form should be in appropriate fields that the readers are able to fill quickly.

Avoid asking for too much information because too much information will make the customers develop a sense of insecurity and might abandon the sign-up process. Only ask for the important information only

Showcase the Client's Company’s Logo


Showcasing the company’s clients’ logos that have been using your products or services will boost the image of your company to the potential customers.  This will display the number of client companies that have satisfactorily used your services.

Add Testimonials


Testimonials will help bring credibility to the readers. Ensure that the testimonials are from the customers and they are as original as you got them - don’t add anything of your own.

Trust Seals


Having trust seals will ensure the security of the information customers will be using to pay. Some of the trust seals you can use are PayPal and VeriSign.

Use a Static Page Style in the Creation of the Lead Page


Static pages are the most preferred method of creation of a lead page and you should try as much as possible to use the blog style page.

You Should Create You Lead Page Permalink Short


Ensure that your landing page permalink is short and relevant.  This is because short URL’s are easy for most people to remember.

Short links can be remembered by the customers of your web and later used when the customer needs to shop anything from websites

The above tips will help in the creation of a lead capture page that will help generate the maximum lead conversion rate. It is best if you customize these features well within your pages to achieve the best results.

Introducing email newsletters to your online marketing activities might help you in attracting potential customers to make purchases in from your website.

An email lead page is one of the best examples of lead capture page that can help you acquire the number of customers you are looking for. Email newsletters help increase leads for your landing page.

Creation of an Effective Email Lead Capture Page

Important elements to help you create an effective email lead capture page:

Conduct a Research


This is important if you have no idea on where to start. You should consider looking at what the other bloggers and marketers are doing to set up their landing pages on the web properties.

By conducting the research, you should also know where they have placed their signing-up forms on their lead pages and how much content they have on their landing page.

You should also check how they have organized the contents of their landing page. This research will equip you with the necessary skill that will enable you to develop a good lead capture page.

Ensure you are clear on What You Want with the Lead Page


Ensure you have clarity on what you will do with the page. You may decide that you want the customers to sign up for you on your page.

By signing –up you should ensure that customers are motivated and that by offering them incentives such as free eBooks or even a free video course.

Provide Incentives To Encourage New Visitors To Sign up

Lead Capture Page

Incentives such as free magazines and free eBooks will encourage customers to sign up on your website. You may also give information to your customers about the new you are having in your email newsletters.



Creating the best lead capture page template will translate to the best landing page.  Most online business can boost their sales if only they learn how to create a landing page that attracts the highest number of customers from where they will get a fertile pool to target for their marketing campaign.

Having the best template can be a challenge if you have never created one. This challenge should not worry you much because there are some companies that can help you create the best template for you landing app.

We will design the best lead capture landing page template for your landing page to get you the right customers for online success at very affordable rates.