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Key Features of Good Online Business Pages

It can sometimes be a difficult job deciding on a marketing method for your business especially if you have a limited budget.

Social media marketing and blogging are cheap but quite time-consuming, while online marketing and traditional print advertising are quite expensive though saves on time.

It is important that as a small or medium sized business, you choose a marketing strategy which works well for you and is within your budget. The following are some of the top marketing strategies for small and medium-sized businesses.

Online Business Pages: Blog


Business Pages


You can increase your SEO by providing informative and non-sale content on your blogs to your users and other networks.

When you post on your blog at least twice in a week you increase your website’s ability to be found on search engines by users looking for information on the web.

You can also increase your reach by utilizing guest blogging where you contribute information to other blogs and thus sharing links to your own website via these blogs.

Online Business Pages: Leverage social media


Online Business Pages


When using social media as a marketing tool, it is important to choose one platform so as not to overwhelm yourself.

Ensure that you build your presence on the social platform that you choose so as to engage as many people as possible on your page and share with them what you and your business are all about.

This type of marketing is free but it will also require a lot of time investment.

Create a Facebook business page and use Facebook advertising


Online Business Pages


Most people spend at least 1 out of every 10 minutes on social media thus making it one of the best and most effective marketing platforms.

As a small business, you can use Facebook to build a relationship with your customers and potential customers by haring relevant content and liking fans comments and commenting on their posts.

With Facebook advertising, your ads will appear right on the news feeds making it impossible for Facebook users to miss it and you can choose the demographic you are targeting and the time you would like the ad to run so as to get the most conversions.

You can also cancel your campaign at any time because there is no long-term commitment attached to Facebook advertising.

Online Business Pages: Post to Pinterest and Instagram


Online Business Pages


If you are into the sales business where your products are very visual then these 2 social media platforms are the best for you.

You can post photos and videos on Instagram and Pinterest for free and as regularly as you would like.

These two platforms have a large following especially of women who are the most likely to buy products as they love shopping.

Online Business Pages: Leverage email marketing and email reminders


This is a great way to engage with customers if it is well utilized. You should ensure that you link your email marketing campaigns with your other campaigns to maximize your impact with your customers.

Online Business Pages: Conduct webinars


Online Business Pages


Webinars are a very interactive way to get and keep the attention of potential clients. You can also use webinars to generate leads and build your list. Just ensure the content on your webinar is relevant and informative to your target audience.

Online Business Pages: Utilize press releases


Press releases help small and middle scale businesses to widen their audience scope. They enable them to present their content directly to potential consumers and also connect with journalists and bloggers.


These are the principal features which online business pages worth its salt should incorporate for success. These features guarantee marketing and online visitor conversion success.