Digital Marketing Trends

Key Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2018

Top Digital Marketing Trends 2018: It is not in doubt the future of advertising is through the use of digital advertising. It opens opportunities for better approaches in marketing, interacting with customers as you lay down goals and plans.

Developing abilities and different dynamic rules will attract how marketers link and relate with their customers through digital marketing in 2018.

Augmented Reality


Advertisers and brands have disclosed the ability of Augmented Reality (AR) over Virtual Reality (VR) this year.

AR is able to combine new digital information on top of regular users’ environment without completely generating new things. Therefore, the user can make better decisions and predictions on their purchases.

Through the use of AR, you are able to communicate to your users how your products will supplement their lives.

Example; if a user wants to redecorate their living room, they can use AR so as not to have a complete disaster.

Native Ads


Native advertisement has emerged as the most stable in the online advertising market because it is able to quickly increase in social media and programmatic advertising campaigns, therefore, it is important to consider native ads as you plan your advertising budget for the year.

It is predicted that native display ad revenue will reach an alarming 74% of total display US ad revenue by 2021 compared to a 56% share in 2016.

 Mobile Video

Digital Marketing Trends

A very big percentage of the world’s population uses mobile phones. They provide a high customer experience through images, videos and other apps hence make promotions and marketing simple and effective.

Mobile video also helps in boosting income among publishers and advertisers and through its use on social media, it is able to capture more customers.

Thus, it is one of the most preferred ad forms to be used in the year as an advertising tool. Mobile video advertising is expected to grow from $6.72B in 2017 to $9.90B in 2018. Therefore invest in some good mobile advertising and marketing.

User-generated Content


Users are more likely to trust content that is “approved” or tested by people who have already dealt with your company.

Use influencers to market your product, trend-setters like well-known bloggers and other social media accounts with a massive following.

Get people whose opinions are well-respected in your field to carry your brand. These are great ways to engage users who have not related to what you’re offering.

It builds trust in your brand more and in the long-run will cost less than a full ad campaign. Lander has a great team that can really help you pull all your social media and website campaigns in a great way to meet your goals.

Digital marketing in 2018 is linked to being influenced by the following:

Digital Marketing Trends 2018: Transparency


The major problem in 2017 was ad fraud through hidden fee charges hence competitor brands had to play the best game in winning through requesting for clarity in line with data, campaign presentation measures, invalid traffic, fraud and hidden fees.

Due to the continuous changes in the digital advertising and marketing, it is important for competitor brands to interpret previous mistakes and the current tendency to be on top.  This year the IAB and Google announced a full-scale fight against industry players who are shady.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018: Personalization


Growth in data-driven personalized ad campaigns is important therefore advertisers have to get more users with correct messages at the right time and place using a smart approach.

Leaders in digital marketing in 2018 are going to be the companies and platform with high-powered functionality and maintained hyper-targeted ad campaigns.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Digital Marketing Trends

We are going to witness more increase in the application of predictive statistic platforms that are operated by intelligent machine learning algorithms, therefore understanding customer’s behavior.

By helping globally personalized content and opportunities for commitment, brands will be able to change customers’ one-off online sales.

To do so formerly was hard in digital space, but we are now able to generate a long-term, significant, and improved brand-customer relationship (BCR).

Continuous use of voice commerce and in-home digital assistants will keep on switching the way we all interact with everyone.

Finally, a better use of Customer Data Management (CDM) and Programmatic Marketing Platforms (PMPs) will create a better environment of data collection, management and how it is utilized to control a user’s brand sales relationship.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018: Pansexual Marketing


It is a tactical campaign whose objective is to encourage products and services to customers without gender stereotypes.

Though there are minimal cases where a brand will target a specific gender, they need to trade with caution not to reduce their customers. In conclusion, as you plan other information, keep in mind how your brand will handle potential users to create a stable engagement.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018: Emotions

Digital Marketing Trends

In reality “emotion and heartbreak news” doesn’t sell entirely, but irritating ads that were dedicated to politics, gender and intimidations became more a self-commanding voice of society. The advertising business should persist on customer’s feelings, worthwhile and affection.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018: Agency Consolidation


Brands companies should combine their advertisement activities with one median channel to make it possible for them to weigh their effectiveness on various campaigns, therefore, increase their sales on advertising expense.

It also promotes collaboration, removes hidden changes, fraud and misuse; hence effective participate with other competitors.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018: Double down on DOOH


Digitial out-of-home (DOOH) advertising needs to be incorporated into other channels for its effectiveness and efficiency and also help in a smooth customer’s journey.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018: Video on Demand, In Demand


Good video content is always attractive and appealing to the eyes. There will be a lot of advertising companies in 2018 using video ads to market their products

Digital Marketing Trends 2018: Social media


Due to the unlimited potential of social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, advertisers will have to establish a strong engagement in long-term association with key social media influencers in 2018 that suits their customers to avert influence from other brand competitors.

The EU’s Crackdown on Data Collection


Due to the European Union rule General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which permits EU citizens to command most of their confidential information and start to operate on May 25, advertising companies which require information from consumers have to comply with this rule to avoid huge fines which are likely to interfere with companies.

Advertising companies which need this information must get individual approval reveal their intention before collecting it.

Marketing online by brands in the US and the EU should entirely direct their products differently in 2018 because the policies are restricting.

The Rise of the ISP’s


The ISP’s range of information with internet and mobile characters is huge and reveals a lot of customers profile details.  It affects trial marketers on users’ privacy and is a threat to Google and Facebook.

Emerging use of Chatbots


Chatbots are now taking over the world as they are geared towards questions on customer service. Brands will have to focus on social media bots in 2018.

The New Art of Storytelling


Stories form a part of every important tool in social marketing. It is one area advertising companies need to major in 2018.



Digital advertising in 2018 is going to be very exciting. To keep your brand above the hook, you’ll continuously have to improve your content and plans to consider the changing customers wishes regardless of the channel you’re using in line with increasing developments.