Facebook Squeeze Page

Key Design Elements of a Facebook Squeeze Page That Captures Leads

Facebook Squeeze Page: So many of us have fabulous Facebook pages that we run. We post something and receive fifty million likes and hundreds of comments. Of course, this makes us pretty good about the recognition we are getting out there but is it enough? Of course! You say.

You might be shocked to hear that, no, you’re not there yet.  You’re still not maximizing that page to the limit.

What’s missing? You’re not getting the one thing at least 80% of marketers all over the world believe is a very crucial pillar in successfully marketing your business. Email addresses.

Email marketing is a very effective way of building your business. So instead of feeling great about the likes and comments and leaving it at that, we will help you to start building that list to take your marketing game to the next level.

Guess what? It’s not hard to get them, we will tell you how; Facebook squeeze page.

What is a Squeeze Page?


A squeeze page is a landing page designed to get or as the name suggests, squeeze email addresses from visitors while offering them something in return.

Of course whatever you offer them has to be of some value otherwise the visitors will see no point in providing their email address.

Usually, the offer is of more information about the service or product in the main squeeze page.

Conventional Squeeze Pages and Facebook Squeeze Page; What’s The Difference?


The difference between the normal squeeze pages is first the very obvious one. Conventional squeeze pages are hosted on your website while a Facebook squeeze page is used on Facebook to get email subscriptions.

So those likes and comments are an opportunity for you to get more subscriptions.

Conventional Squeeze Page Experience

Facebook Squeeze Page
  1. Click, click – The user will land on your page (website) through an advertisement, email or directly typing your URL into their browser.On-site – The visitor is now on your website and is ready to consume your content – usually whatever you promise on your ad.Consumption – The user starts taking in your content.

    Interruption/ pop-up –The squeeze page pops-up a few seconds after the visitor lands on your site forcing them to either take-up or convert on your offer or opt-out and go back to your content.

This is pretty much the squeeze page experience on websites. The squeeze pages cut off all the distractions by popping up and taking all the visitor’s attention.

Facebook squeeze page


On Facebook, the process is different; step 4 is completely eliminated.  This is because Facebook does not allow pop-ups.

Another thing; since 2012, you cannot pick a default landing page for your campaigns, meaning all visitors will land on your timeline.

Now that there are no pop-ups like on websites, the squeeze pages on Facebook will be placed underneath one of the tabs below your cover picture.

What Does This Mean For You And Your Fans/Visitors?


For the fans/visitors – It’s not a guarantee that they will all see your squeeze page.

For you – You will have to attract, convince, compel, cajole your fans but before that you will have to get them to your page first. How can you package (name) your custom tab to literally make a magnet that will draw visitors to convert?

You’ll have to learn how to be an expert in generating those leads and building an impressive email list.

Lander has a great team that will assist you with email and social media marketing if you’re not quite sure where to start.

How to use your facebook squeeze page to capture email addresses

Below are a few tips on how you can use your page to build your list:

Facebook Squeeze Page Tip #1: Compelling Title


A compelling title is the almost always the deciding factor of whether the visitor will click on your custom tab. The title needs to attract visitors and draw them in before your squeeze page can do its job.

Have a look at these two examples:

“Join my list”   and     “free Facebook Ads Guide!”

Which one is a visitor most likely to click on? You got it right, yes, it’s the second one.

Why? Because the first one is frankly boring and so generic. I mean, join my list? Then what? What do I get out of it apart from growing your email list? And, just like that, the visitor’s gone.

The second one is more like it. A visitor will be like, “This sounds interesting…I do need this. Let me subscribe.” Bingo! You have that click; you’ve had a visitor convert.

So, avoid using words like “submit”, “click here”; they don’t have any oomph and most likely won’t get visitors converting.

TIP: When choosing your title, focus on what the user will get from you and not the other way around. The action should focus on the reader and not the business.

Facebook Squeeze Page Tip #2: Make Your Offer Simple and Specific


Make your offer very specific, not just some vague words. If you’re offering a book, what is the book about?

You also need to make sure it’s easy to understand, use layman’s language.  Let’s have a look at an example from Facebook:

“Techniques for crafting a cross-channel experience around your purpose?” Say that again? What?? *visitor reads it again* Still makes no sense. This offer is pure confusion.

The owner of the page could easily have made it more user-friendly by using simpler language: “Learn how to build a strong brand for your business using email, social media, and other marketing channels” That’s more easily understood.

Facebook Squeeze Page Tip #3: Make your Offer Irresistible

Facebook Squeeze Page

A successful Facebook squeeze page starts with a great offer. For visitors to give you their email address, you offer will have to be great.

Study your market and business; find out which content is hard to come by but highly in demand by users.

Make your offer so valuable that users want you to email them about it.

Facebook Squeeze Page Tip #4: CTA Button - Make it Stand Out


Draw attention to your CTA button, while perusing Facebook business pages you come across some basic, lackluster CTA buttons. You can make it resemble a button and add some color to it.

Facebook Squeeze Page Tip #5: Concise Copy


Explain briefly what why visitors should convert. Explain some of the other valuable offers and benefits that are not expressed in your headline.

Facebook Squeeze Page Tip #6: Authority Badges


If you’ve been featured somewhere, don’t be afraid to show off a little. High profile publications like Forbes? You’ve worked with well-known brands. Let visitors know.



Facebook squeeze page can transform the way you market your business and really help you boost your email list. Several marketers swear by email marketing so why not give it a try and elevate your business?