Job Landing Page

5 Things to Keep in Mind for Job Landing Page

The biggest part of a recruiter’s job is to attract candidates. There is an increased intensity in the wars among companies for talent. These companies are willing to spend a lot in investing in their talent brand.

Another trend that has cropped up is candidates in today’s job market have started having a voice and choice on what they want to do. This has made the old method of companies posting a job vacancy ad and waiting for candidates to show up to become obsolete.

These changes have forced recruiter’s to up their marketing game so as to get the best talents in the market.

The first thing to consider is the first impression you make to the candidates. Your main agenda should be to attract candidates who want to apply for a job at your company. If your job landing page looks like the example below then you really need to evaluate your marketing strategy.

Job Landing Page

Such a job landing page may lead to 4 out of 5 applicants to drop your page before even reading the advertisement. The following are some ways in which you can improve your landing page:

Set clear goals and target audience


Job Landing Page

You have to define who your target audience or candidate is. Do you want them to be tech-savvy, young and mobile oriented or do you want them to be experienced people who don’t mind taking hours to fill a profile because they understand the job’s importance.

Once you identify your target audience you should ensure that adopt the job posting accordingly.
You should also make sure you that your clearly define your goals.

These include how many candidates you need in average, what the candidates want to hear about you company and what works best for each candidate.

A clear and visible call-to-action


Job Landing Page

When you have too many calls-to-action it can cause a lot of confusion among the candidates. You should ensure that you have a clearly visible call-to-action button on your page right from the very beginning. This will go a long way in leading your candidates to apply for the job.

Be visual and mobile


Your job landing page should be more than just the job descriptions. When you add visuals to your job landing page helps your user to learn more about your company.

You can have a video showing a little bit about the company and its culture, some articles explaining more about the advertised job position, a banner that has been specifically designed for the job and also a short and concise description of what the job entails.

You should also make sure that your page can be accessed via mobile devices so as to avoid losing your candidates.

Don’t be afraid to engage


It can get really frustrating for job applicants when they can’t put a face behind a job advertisement. You can promote yours recruiters through your job landing page and encourage their engagement with potential candidates. This helps to give an impersonal process a personal touch.

Make it easy to share


You might find that a visitor to your page does not want to apply for the job but he or she might know someone who is qualified and who might be interested in the job.

It is important to have a specific URL and a clearly visible call-to-action that allows the user to share the job advertisement on their social media platforms. This is another way of empowering a passive visitor to become active on your landing page.

I hope that you found these tips helpful for creating a great job landing page.