Blogger's Landing Page

Into Blogging? Here’s How You Can Optimize Blogger’s Landing Page

Blogging is one of the most exciting experiences for anybody. But as you go deeper into the digital world of writing, there are a lot of things that are new to many people. Not finding enough readers, fewer likes or views on your blog posts and being unsure of how to solve all this could look like a majestic task! But here’s what you can do to make your life simple as a blogger - create a landing page and learn from us how to optimize it.

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Landing page and how to optimize it?

Let us first discuss what really is a landing page. It’s like a “pre-sale” page that draws traffic to your website or blogs. A landing page, if made thoughtfully, can lead to a significant shift in the rate of conversions of your viewers into loyal readers. It directs your target audience from various social media platforms and search engines to your blog with just one click! So how to optimize it in a way that makes it look amazing and stirring and attracts as much traffic as possible? Here are a few tips you probably wouldn’t want to avoid. Check them out:


High loading speed

All of us hate when a page doesn’t load or takes forever to open while browsing through the internet. If your blog doesn’t load fast enough, your viewer is going to bounce back like a somersaulting dolphin! So, ensure that your landing page loads pretty well too.


Keep it clean and clear

Messy isn’t classy. Create a landing page that not only looks neat but also imparts professionalism on your part. The content should not be confusing and the font color must be pleasing to the eyes. Arrange different sections of the landing page with ample space between them and overall, have a tidy sort of a landing page.


Start with an imposing headline

It’s important to do your research before publishing the content. Use keywords in your headline. Be creative yet straightforward with it and use simple language. Putting vocabulary that is not used frequently by viewers will totally backfire at the conversation rates. The headline should be striking and bold.


Relevance is crucial

On a landing page, the content should be relevant to what you want to offer. If you intend to offer something and the landing page shows something else, it damages the viewer’s trust and reflects poorly on your services. Add only those images or videos that are relevant to the rest of the content. And keep away from clutter just because you thought of adding one more picture but isn’t really doing anything there.


Distractions and navigation are a big NO!

Avoid providing users with multiple options to choose from. It not only gets confusing but also hampers conversion rates. Each landing page should have a single goal - bringing traffic to a particular blog post or a product/service. Remove unnecessary content or images from the landing page. It distracts the prospective readers and they usually end up not hitting the call-to-action button.  


Minimalism is the key

Excess of everything is bad and too little is never enough. Find the midway. Include only the necessary information that is enough for describing your offers to the user and describes them aptly. Emphasize more on describing the benefits that one will get after going to your blog rather than its features. Keep it concise yet enticing. Viewers have a curious mind. Creating the landing page smartly will make them want to know more and call them to take action.


Create an eye-catching Call-to-Action button

A call-to-action button is the most crucial part of the landing page that decides whether the viewer is going for your blog or just deciding to bounce back. Since it is the ultimate goal of a landing page to make the user hit the CTA button, it’s necessary that you make it stand out. Use colours that are attractive or signify urgency (such as red). Use copy that delivers a sense of making a quick decision by the viewer. At the same time, do not add too many CTA buttons on a single page.

Split test and try again!

Use different designs and formats to create the landing page. Split testing not only allows you to see which design attracted the target audience the most but also increases your revenue (money or readers) to manifold. Keep trying to make your landing page as perfect as perfect gets by running trials and experiments time and again. Most of the viewers use mobile phones to surf the internet. Make sure your landing page is optimized for mobile traffic to get the maximum number of people interested in reading your blog.