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How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Story and Post

You have probably come across links on Instagram story or even wondered if it’s possible to use Instagram for your marketing. Instagram is making this possible as you can now add links to your accounts.

However, it is not possible to add a link to your personal account but when you have a business account, this is very much possible. In addition, you need to have an account with ten thousand followers and above.

It has always been possible to add links to your bio but this new feature is a very big deal as it can be a first time for you to be able to put in a link that isn’t in your bio.

This is a great move, right? You must be wondering how to put a link in Instagram story by yourself and make your business a success.

You do not want to scroll on your feeds and all you see is advertisements. This new feature of adding links to your story has, however, got your back.

It is a fairly new method and actually the best when you want to provide updates and also connect with your followers in a more direct way.

As a business person or any other person who wants to advertise something using Instagram, you can post pictures, videos and even go live and your story will be at the top in the feeds for at least 24 hours which is just enough to pass your message.

A verified account or a running business account is all you need and as an addition, 10,000 followers so that you are able to add a link to the content that you have. Isn’t it just cool?

When you want to drive Instagram traffic to your newest blog, website or even an item you want to sell this is the way to go.

You must be wondering how you can do this. It is a simple but strategic way in which you need to follow certain steps in order to come out with the best link in your Instagram.

You need the best since Instagram is a social place with a very high number of people from old to young, using it. You can follow the steps below to make this possible.

Adding a Link to Your Instagram Story

Tapping the Camera Icon to start your Instagram Story


It is a simple step as you just need to locate your camera icon which is usually in the upper left part of your main Instagram feed and use it accordingly.

It is located just above the word stories and you just click it and you will have an option of taking a photo or even shoot a video. This is in most cases when you want to put in something live.

In addition, you can swipe up on your screen and you will be able to access your library which consists of recently taken photos or videos captured mostly in the past 24 hours.

If you want to, however, post something that was taken a long time ago, you can take a screenshot of it so that it appears at the top of your camera roll and you won’t have a hectic task of looking for it for a long time thus saving your time.

Click the Icon of a Chain Link


Always have it in your mind that the chain icon where you can add links only appears when you got a verified account or you have a business profile which is having the least number of 10,000 followers.

If you have neither of this don’t even bother to waste your time trying to add a link to your Instagram story.

When you just tap the chain icon, a new window will automatically pop up where you can put in your URL.

It allows you to input the link destination that you choose. Type in a complete URL address, then tap on the green checkmark usually for android or “done” in iOS so that the link can be saved.

Instagram Story

You are allowed by the URL page to type in the link for any web page which you want to send to your audience.

Additionally, Instagram story analytics are not able to track URL clicks thus, to have a measure of your traffic and even conversions; you will want to use a link that you can track separately.

After successfully linking a URL to your story, the chain icon will appear highlighted indicating that your Instagram story has a link.

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Editing your Instagram Story


This is important as it can determine the number of conversions you may end up getting. Before adding your Instagram story to your audience you have to edit it and add a call to action (CTA).

When you have added a link to a photo, it will appear and be visible on the screen for a second before the next story appears. Therefore, you have to remind your audience to swipe up to click on the available link.

A “see more” sign will always appear at the bottom of your story but you need to direct people so that they click it. It is usually clearly visible although some viewers may not notice it.

You can introduce arrows that point where to swipe up or you can also use words like “swipe up to see more”. Once you have done that, you can now go on and add the content to your story.

You can add contents like texts and filters to your story then upload it to your profile like you would always do with any other story.

Great Ways to use Instagram Links in Stories


Depending on the number of posts to come up with a full story, you will need to include clickable links in one or two posts so that the links are not just everywhere thus not appearing boring and less demanding.

Not all stories require a link to be included thus, as a good marketer you must always take it into consideration that the link you provide, provide adds value in your story in a great way which benefits the viewer of the content. Some creative ways include:

Drive Traffic to your Blog Posts

Instagram Story

When using a blog as a marketing strategy, share the blog post to as many places as possible. Include links directly to the post.

Complete your Tutorial


When using Instagram stories to share tutorials; include a link to your website with complete instructions at the end of the story.

Promote your Products and Services


When you have products or even services that you offer, you will want to use Instagram stories to promote it.

Always keep it fun so that your audience doesn’t assume that with every of your post you just want to sell. This will ensure that you gain some trust in your audience.

In conclusion…


Knowing how to put a link in Instagram story is the best way to increase your conversions.

Marketers who are very creative can always use this feature to increase website traffic. Thus, be creative always.

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