Hot Tips for Designing An Instagram Followers Page

Much like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is currently one of the most popular and influential social media channels and platforms. Unlike the former two, which are primarily driven by text content, Instagram followers page popularity and influence is built on the back of photo content.

It is primarily a pictures sharing platform. Accordingly, an Instagram followers landing page is a great way for online businesses to integrate the social platform into their social channels for driving traffic getting leads, and converting them.

When one links their Instagram profile to their website directly, it is referred to as their Instagram followers landing page. Instagram as a platform has more than 400 million users.

Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it has not been the best platform to drive traffic from. However, Instagram can help a lot when it comes to business branding and engaging with the clients.

If you have or build a solid follower base and have quality content, you may be well on their way to increased traffic on their website.

Elements of a good Instagram followers page


 Instagram Followers Page

One of the main advantages of an Instagram followers page is the ability to put all your content in one page by providing an easy navigation panel for new visitors. You can include several things in your Instagram followers landing page and the main features one may choose to include are:


  • Newsletter sign up
  • Recently posted blogs
  • Etsy shop
  • Contact form
  • Popular pages
  • Other social media links

Various blogs have provided ways you could customize the page so that it suits your preferences and business. Setting up an Instagram followers’ page is also quite simple:

  • 1.First it is paramount to create a new page on your website.
  • 2.You should then name your page; a short and simple name is best. Any other items to include you can add onto the page.
  • 3. Customization is made at this stage; you should link any important links should to this page.
  • 4.Proceed to your Instagram where you should change your URL to the link to your new Instagram web page. Your page should be mobile friendly as most traffic will come from people using their mobile phones.


 Instagram Followers Page

In order to get as many people as possible to your Instagram followers’ page, several things may be considered such as:

  • Use of competitions

  • Competitions have a way of bringing people to your site and may be used to increase traffic.
  • Do a niche analysis

  • it is always good to understand the present niche and fill it accordingly.
  • Audience analysis

  • An analysis of the audience will enable you to maximize impact.
  • Since most communication is visual, it is also necessary to have clean clear images with catchy descriptions

Why do you need an Instagram followers page?


An Instagram followers page allows for the customers and the vendor to meet and interact on the popular social media platform. It is particularly useful as it enables one to:

  1. a). Directly analyze their traffic from their Instagram to their website.
  2. b). Track traffic on both the website and Instagram together, since analytics will list Instagram as a direct link.
  3. c). Direct followers on Instagram to your other existing products listed on your website. Reach out more to people and show them what you have to offer.
  4. d). Attract more customers by going to where they are their social media platform.



Just as the modern customer is sophisticated, so should your business and you; an Instagram followers page should be part of your marketing campaign strategy to target and engage with your followers on the platform and to attract more traffic and leads to your website.

More leads means the likelihood of more conversions and revenue.