How Instagram Ads Work, Tips & Tricks

How Instagram Ads Work, Tips & Tricks

Instagram ads have been introduced 3 years ago. As the network developed, lots of things changed. Here are some Instagram ad tips and tricks based on our experience that anyone can make use of.

Instagram advertising is effective for any type of marketing. However, the type of ads you’ll choose will determine how successful your Instagram ad campaign would be.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you create the best campaign for your brand.

Instagram Has Different Types of Advertising Options

First thing you need to do before anything is explore all advertising options on the social network.

From photo ads, to carousel and video ads, there are tons of options available that are relevant for different social media marketing campaigns.

Photo Ads

Photo ads for example are great for calls to action for buying products, signing up for services or downloading software. They are great for app marketing as well as there are calls-to-action like “Install Now”.

Video Ads

For engagement purposes however, video ads have shown much better results. It is a known fact that video is the future of advertising, and Instagram is probably the best social network to advertise via short videos.

They offer the same call-to-action options like the photo ads, but are better for creating more memorable and engaging ads.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads were added later by Instagram because certain businesses wanted to create and make advertising campaigns with sequence stories. These type of ads have shown excellent results for both engagement and increased traffic and sales.

Marquee Ads

Marquee Ads on the other hand, are the latest new thing by Instagram. With Marquee Ads brands can show their content on top of the news feed 3 times a day. They guarantee certain number of impressions and clicks each day they are active!

The Most Important Thing is Visual Content

When creating any type of Instagram ad campaign, you need to do smart copywriting, determine the goals, budget, ROI and all the other details related to creating a strategy and a campaign.

However the most important thing in your Instagram ad campaigns should be the visual content. The visual content needs to pass through a serious creative process and look stunning and memorable.

Remember, most of the Instagram users are there to look for tasteful, stylish and visually appealing photos and videos, so your content must look in-line with the needs and perks of the Instagram users.

Brand Your Content

Additionally, in order to create brand awareness, together with other marketing goals, it is smart to always brand your visual content. Put a logo, quote, message or anything that will relate that visual content to your company.

Be Consistent with Instagram

Instagram is one of the social networks that require consistency.

Users will engage, follow and relate to brands that post quality content on Instagram constantly and repeatedly.

Try to always have some creativity and freshness in your posts and your Instagram ads will be even more effective.

Try To Make the Ads Look Like Native Ads

If your Instagram sponsored content looks like an ad, it will be scrolled down and the effects of your campaign will be bellow satisfactory.

Instead, try creating content ads that don’t look like ads i.e they look like native ads.

In that way, they will not disrupt the news feed, they will just adhere to the Instagram experience and will attract more users to the post and your Instagram account.