Improve Your SEO with Link Building

How to Increase Search Ranking Using Link Building

Whether your business or website has an active online presence or not, you can gain a lot of popularity ratings and profit if your website or name appears in the first few results when doing a Google search. Google is a powerful platform to grow the business, especially when you consider SEO and link building strategies.

Link building is the process done by Search Engine Optimization wherein links are built on other websites that direct back to your website. This builds an online presence, ranking and has a positive result where you grow the business and grow in revenue. Simply put: link building is like increasing your popularity in the online world.

Allow us to help you increase your search ranking with these Google link building tips.

  • Diversification of links

Links from other websites, especially the ones that are relevant to your type of online business or blog, are usually the ones that bring the biggest impact to your link building strategy. There are many types of links such as homepage links, directory links, educational links, links from blogs and many other links that can be found on other websites. One thing to note is not to focus on one type of link building alone, so your link can be found in different parts of other’s sites which could build a bigger probability of your site to be accessed.

  • Earning contextual links

Contextual links are those links that have relevance to your type of blog or business. These links have higher possibilities of potential clients arriving at the right spot – meaning your website – because of clicking through the links to sites that are also relevant to your website. It is important to build contextual links as these will point potential clients to your website, which can be the first steps to bigger, wider business.

  • Implement the guestographic strategy

The guestographic strategy is one of the rising and recently popular strategies for social media platforms and SEO. Guestographic has been seen to have the significant increase in terms of online marketing strategies. With this method, you are using infographics but an effective twist. Basically, you let other sites “want” to publish your name on their sites.

  • Correct link text (keyword)

Keywords are fairly important in link building through words related to your website / link. In following SEO strategies, it is advisable to always follow the correct link text and, as much as possible, use the same keywords all the time. This will bring uniformity to your links and will increase familiarity with your online presence, which can have a positive effect on your business.

In choosing a link keyword, always consider its simplicity, ease of linking, conciseness and relevance to your website, and easy, understandable words.

  • Perform link building gradually and steadily

Like any other business strategies, the secret to a successful link building and SEO strategy is consistency. In some cases, especially for new websites and rising businesses in the online world, this may take a gradual step by step process. Patience is an essential key to being successful in this strategy, with the knowledge that the return profit can be so much more.

It starts with building your online presence and then making partnerships with other online entrepreneurs and bloggers as well. They can also help building your links and increasing your ratings.

  • Surround your links with some keyword-rich content

While it is a basic recommendation that your chosen link keywords should have relevance to your online name / business, it would also give a boost to your online presence when your keywords and links are surrounded, or is included, in websites, articles and advertisements that are relevant to your type of website. Remember that readers’ interest will keep them reading and eventually lead to your link.

These tips do not only apply to online business. Learning about link building is one of the basics that you should learn on how to start a blog. Blogging and maintaining a website is another type of online presence building but more of your popularity and site ratings also depend on link building strategies.

Build up your online presence and increase your popularity ratings. This can be a big help for your business and online reputation.