Inbound Marketing

5 Must Know Tips for Inbound Marketing Landing Page

Inbound marketing is the tactic aiming to attract customers through relevant and helpful interactions and content.

The information is provided through social media, blogs, search engines, newsletter, and email and creates business, product, or services trust with customers.

Unlike outbound marketing where the organization pushes its products to the customers, inbound marketing concentrates on building good relationships between a business and its customers.

Inbound marketing is relatively cheap when you compare to outbound where an organization has to pay for its advertisement. Inbound marketing is the best strategy you can use to convert total strangers into customers.

With the rise in technology, it has become easy for any organization to have its own website. An inbound marketing landing page is dedicated to converting customers and for marketing products and services.

It does so by posting information and images of the products and services provided. On your inbound landing page, you can provide evidence of customers who have been satisfied by your services or products.

Have a look at these 5 tips for inbound marketing landing page that convert.


Don’t over develop the landing page


Inbound Marketing


Visitors have less than 3 seconds for their attention to be captured by your information. It important to keep your landing page simple for the viewers. Ensure you provide only relevant information and direct to the point.

Use of pictures


Pictures communicate faster when you compared to words. It is good to design your inbound marketing landing page with images for easy interpreted. From the image, visitors can clear get the image of the product you are selling.

Ensure that you provide a picture of the product you are advertising to avoid misleading your visitors. If you mislead them you will end up losing them and your main aim is to gain their trust.

Using short forms


The use of forms in inbound marketing are to capture the information of the visitor. When you have a large form it becomes tiresome for the visitors to fill in.

Provide forms which are clear and precise for the visitor to fill in faster. Don’t ask the visitor for a lot of information- concentrating on information which is relevant such as their contacts and location.

Build trust


Ensure that when you creating an inbound marketing landing page, you include information that is helpful to your customers and which is relates to the product.

Do not over advertise or attribute quality which doesn’t belong to the product for the sake of selling. Building trust with your visitors and customers is the sure way to the success of your business.

Ensure that your inbound marketing landing page is free of errors and that it is responsive to the visitors.

No navigation


Inbound Marketing

Some landing pages have a navigation menu. If you want to have a fantastic inbound marketing page that attracts and has higher conversion rate, do not put any navigation menu.

This is a trick. Since your main aim is for the visitors to take action or fill a specific form, without a navigation menu, the chances of the visitor to take the action you intend on the landing page increase .

When there is no navigation menu, visitors tend to concentrate more on the landing page.



One of the most important aspects for the success of an inbound marketing campaign and strategies is a well-designed inbound marketing landing page.

A landing page has a higher conversion rate for your business compared to other forms of inbound marketing.

Ensure that you design a unique and simple landing page which will attract many visitors. The conversion rate of a landing page depends highly on your creativity.