Inbound Marketing 101: Why You Need Landing Pages

Inbound Marketing 101: Why You Need Landing Pages


In this very informative series on Inbound Marketing, we've given you a virtual truckload full of practical, useful tools you can deploy. Tools that can catapult the results of your marketing campaigns through the roof, if used properly.

This article, the conclusion to our series on Inbound Marketing, will be just as useful to you. Today, we are going to talk about landing pageswhat they are, how they can benefit you and your company and some great tips that will help you gain more value from your landing pages.

We'll wrap up by telling you about some exciting developments in the world of landing pages from Lander, and how you can start using our exciting new landing page templates today, free of charge to begin growing your customer base. Read on to discover more...

Without This, You'll Be Out Of Business

In order to have an effective, profitable inbound marketing campaign, you have to have traffic. You have to get people to visit the site or page you're directing them to. And let's face it: our current marketing culture is obsessed with online traffic. We are constantly bombarded with an overwhelming torrent of HYPE about SEO techniques for getting web traffic.

This is not meant to discount the usefulness of SEO. It can be an extremely valuable tool to drive traffic to your website. What usually gets lost and forgotten about in this obsession over traffic, though? What you do with it once you get it.

Conversion means persuading the reader to do the thing you want him to do, whether that's to buy a product from your online store, download your case study in exchange for his email address or to call you to set up a consultation.

All the traffic in the world is useless to you if none of it converts. There are a lot of companies throwing away vast sums of money into an online marketing “black hole”; they're getting traffic, but it's not paying off in the level of leads and sales they must have to stay in business. Many of them are ignoring the most critical part of online marketing – conversion – to their detriment.

Note this well – your end goal isn't traffic. It's sales! Without sales, you'll be out of business, regardless of how much traffic you have.

If you follow the advice in this article, you very well may increase your conversions, and increase them big time!

What Is A Landing Page?

Inbound Marketing 101 What Is A Landing Page?

Before we go any further, some of you may be asking “What's a landing page?” According to,

"A landing page is any page on a website where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result.”

You use a landing page to push a specific offer: You can use a landing page to prompt page visitors to download your latest White Paper or special report in return for their email address and other contact info (and their permission for you to market to them further). Or you could use a landing page in an online e-commerce situation to make a sale right there.

The action you prompt your landing page visitors to take will be a very specific one. It will affect the way you set up your landing page – the content and headline you use, the images you select, etc.

A Highly Targeted Approach

Often, marketers think in terms of driving traffic back to their websites, and this is important. But there are times when it's much more advantageous to drive traffic to a highly targeted, customized landing page instead. 

Consider this scenario as an example: You own an online store that sells vitamins and other health supplements. You set up a series of PPC ads that talk about special organic vitamins for middle aged men. Your goal is to drive traffic back to your website where you hope they will then find your “online store” page, find the specific product you mentioned in the PPC ad, and make the purchase.

The problem (and the very real risk to you) is that there's a very good chance the people who clicked on your PPC ad will go to your site, get distracted and give up trying to locate the vitamins they were hoping to find. This is a “double whammy” for you. You have to pay for the click, and you miss out on the sale. Ouch!

Instead of driving the traffic from this PPC ad back to your very generalized health and nutrition website homepage, why not drive it to a clean, simple, hyper-focused landing page that has only one product – the one they are interested in buying?!

Based on this example, do you see how a landing page could help you increase your conversion rates in your PPC campaigns? Do you see how it could decrease the number of  times people click on your ad and end up not buying anything? Do you think directing ad click traffic to a landing page instead of your company website could be a very nice boost for your click through to purchase ratio?

More Landing Page Benefits

Inbound Marketing 101: Landing Page Benefits

Here are some additional benefits you can enjoy when you leverage the power of landing pages in your inbound marketing campaigns:

  • Compared to the typical homepage, where it's common for the reader's attention to wander, properly executed landing pages help you focus your prospect's (usually very limited and scattered) attention on your offer much more effectively
  • Do you have multiple products you sell and multiple audiences you want to reach? You can employ multiple highly customized landing pages with specifically targeted content
  • Increased conversion rate (not just for PPC, but for organic search, email and social media marketing also)
  •  In order to increase your conversion rate, you'll want to engage in conversion optimization. A big part of this is testing the different elements on your landing page – content, headlines, images, etc. Cutting-edge landing page software makes testing very easy for you.

Do you want ultra-effective landing pages that convert at a high rate? Deploy these tips:

  • Your content is one of the most critical parts of your landing page and your marketing in general. You want content that is brief and to-the-point. You want content that grabs and holds your reader's attention. Keep your sentences and paragraphs brief. Use bullet points – a great place to list the benefits of your offering. Have a specific call to action – tell the reader exactly what you want him to do while he is on your landing page
  • Have a strong, eye-catching image that is relevant to your message
  • Keep your landing pages uncluttered and focused only on persuading your reader to accept your offer. Don't add anything that would distract him from doing what you want him to do. DO NOT add your website navigation buttons to your landing page
  • Have a professional, simple, uncluttered design on your landing page, like one of these
  • On every landing page you set up, include a form that allows you to capture the reader's contact information


If you aren't now benefiting from the power of professional, easy to launch landing pages in your inbound marketing efforts, but you want to, here's some great news for you! Lander offers you an entire suite of easy to set up, artistically pleasing landing page templates designed to help you skyrocket your conversions. And guess what. You can try them out for free!

"Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed our comprehensive series on inbound marketing. It's packed with valuable intelligence that can help you enjoy wildly successful marketing campaigns. We've talked in-depth about some powerful inbound marketing tools.

But remember this – it's very easy to become so excited about “the latest thing” in digital marketing that we focus our time and energy on using only that one tool. What we need is not just one marketing tool used randomly and haphazardly.

We need a well-stocked marketing “toolbox”. We also need a sound strategy. After your strategy is in place, use the tools (tactics) that are appropriate for that strategy. This will help you reach the ambitious goals you've set.

Happy marketing!


  • Mike Sterner

    Do you have any suggestions on how to create targeted landing pages on your site when you only sell one single product? Thank you.

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      You can create different landing pages for different buyer personas or for different people in different stages in the buying cycle. Here is a good article that talks about that more.

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          No problem, I love their content it has really helped me position my business.

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