Improve The Speed Of Internet In A Few Simple Steps

It can be very frustrating when you have a slow internet connection. Sometimes, the internet connection can be really slow. Slow downloads can ruin your online experience. Now, the question is whether or not you switch internet service providers, which is highly difficult most of the time. According to research:

  • There are more than 46 million Americans that use only one internet service provider.
  • These service providers typically offer internet speed that is 25 megabits per second or more which ideally is not as fast as required in these days and age.

That means most of the times you will need to speed up your internet connection. This is easily possible thanks to the things that you can do before you upgrade your internet connection to a higher tier plan with your ISP. You also need to consider the fact that it is the performance of your computer that translates into a poor internet connection. If you have your MS Windows computer or mac running slow, do not discard it as the main cause.

While most of the processes for speeding up your internet connection are free, there may be a few paid ones but those are much cheaper as compared to upgrading your internet package. Therefore, go through this article to save you from all the troubles of changing your internet service provider.

Consider the need

Every project starts with its needs. Therefore, you should first consider whether you at all need to speed up your internet connection. If such speeding will make the situation better then you can go ahead with the process of trying to speed up your internet connection.

However, if you think that your internet is slow, one of the best ways to confirm the speed of your internet is to conduct an online internet speed test.

  • This will help you to have the VPN reviews which you can compare with the promised download and upload speeds.
  • You can then easily see whether your internet speed is as slow as you think it is.

Ideally, it is the speed of the internet that will help you to visit any site without any hassles or waiting for the pages to download. Whether it is Nationaldebtrelief.com or any other, the time taken to download typically depends on the speed of the internet connection you have at home.

Restart the router

Most of the time, turning the machines off and on again can fix a large number of problems. You can restart the router by:

  • Unplugging it manually and putting it back again
  • Pressing the power button that is typically located at the back of the unit or
  • By logging in to the router through the browser and turning it off.

After switching it off you must wait for at least 10 seconds before you plug it back in. However, this time may vary according to the hardware reset of the manufacturer. In fact, a minute of wait should do the job.

Installing antivirus software

There are several different types of antivirus software that you can install for the protection of your computer. If you install such software it will prevent downloading something in your computer and ending up with malware in it. The issues with downloading malware are that it:

  1. Hijacks the bandwidth
  2. Slows down your internet connection and
  3. It creates all sorts of problems in downloading.

Therefore, if you do not have any antivirus software loaded in your computer already, then you are putting all secure and sensitive info such as your passwords, bank account information and others at risk. In addition to that, it will slow down your internet connection. Surprising as it may sound, malware can also steal crucial computing resources, for example, the CPU!

Make it a point that you select the best antivirus software that will work best on your computer and retain the maximum speed of the internet. Check for the features and usability of the software juts as the security aspect of the antivirus software as well before you install it.

Secure the browser

Another good way to speed up your internet connection is to secure the browser as viruses normally come through it. It is therefore very important to protect it. However, this is not an easy process and you will need to follow a few specific steps that include:

  • Loading any good antivirus software that will make your job easier and your internetwork faster
  • If you deal with extra sensitive information then you can use far better browsers and secure them with Bitdefender or AVG.
  • You can use Adblock to block ads that are not only annoying but might also bog down the internet speed as well as the browsing experience.

Especially, if you have a very slow internet connection, you should not load any ads in the first place. This is because loading ads will fetch much more data from different servers. This will eventually require a much longer wait time before the web page may finally load.

If you install a good pop-up blocker it will cut down the amount of data that is sent to your computer. It will block ads and will in the process boost the browsing speeds. This will make the internet more bearable as ads often load much before the other content on the web page does.

Flush DNS records

Ideally, all computers record info about the IP addresses that are visited while browsing the internet. This is done in order to speed up your future visits to the same website. This is called the DNS record which can eventually become a hurdle to your internet speed. The best approach is to clean out the cache. This will speed up the internet connection. This is called flushing out the DNS in tech circles. The process is surprisingly easy and involves:

  1. Clicking on the start menu
  2. Searching for the ‘command prompt’
  3. Right-clicking on it when it appears and
  4. Choosing the ‘run as administrator’ tab.

It is only the administrators that can flush out the DNS.

Last but not least, make sure that you delete the internet history because an extensive history that saves all downloads, cookies and cached images will slow down the speed of the internet.