Webinar landing page

Webinar Landing Page- Importance and Hacks with Examples

What Is a Webinar Landing Page?

A landing page is a webpage created specifically for marketing and advertising purposes. A webinar landing page is a web page, designed, keeping in mind the registration process. Landing pages endure separately from the web pages. They are the "landing" spot for visitors that have clicked on a link from a marketing advertisement, online media post, or promotion.
A webinar landing page is designed to generate leads and collect sign-ups for your digital event. It's a noble approach to let your buyers get to identify you, your company, and your product. It’s a constantly evolving method to boost your leads list and summarise where your customers are in your sales funnel. But, when you host your webinar, you need to have a webinar landing page.
An extensive webinar landing page will transform visitors into registrants. Once you have their information, you’re set for remarketing, hereafter, even if your registrants aren’t ready to view your live event, you can email them the on-demand version later. Let's understand why having a landing page for a webinar is important.

What is the Importance of a Webinar Landing Page? 

Designing a webinar is an incredible expansion to any business platform. It permits you to reach a huge audience so you can amplify your selling potential. 

Here are few perks of a webinar landing page :

A webinar landing page can assist you to acquire more prospective buyers and raise eagerness with your target audience. - It is a virtual place where your potential customers get to know about your business and get curious about how you operate. It will give them the basic knowledge of the benefits they would get.

It is an approach to engross with your customers and build up a client relationship with them. Even before you start dealing business with your clients, you can build a bond of trust.
It pledges to give something very important. A webinar is not like any other ad, it promises to deliver them a unique experience and provides valuable data to them as well.

It offers a Unique Value Proposition. Until and unless your audience does not get to know why and how your business is different from others, they won't trust your brand. It is the most reliable approach to enhance your webinar landing page’s conversion rate.

It ensures people who come to your webinar landing page end up registering for your webinar as well. The webinar landing page follows one purpose: getting you a higher conversion rate so that this converts to more sales for your business.

So let's see some effective webinar landing page ideas that attract the audience and ensure that they stay focused till the point they are motivated to register. 

Tips to create high converting Webinar Landing Page


Create an Alluring Headline

According to the research by Copyblogger, almost 80% of visitors will read your title, yet just 2% will navigate and peruse the rest. At the point when you mull over that, obviously, your title assumes a fairly significant part of your webinar landing page. Your headline needs to urge visitors to read the rest of the page. Your headline has to be catchy and should interest the visitors and eager their interest so they keep reading. Here are a few tips that will help you make an engaging title: 

Numbers are more intriguing than normal facts. For example, instead of using tips that can help you, you can rather use % tips that will surely help you. A number sets a defined solution that can benefit the viewer.
Lead with a key advantage that addresses their squeezing issue
Think about utilizing a reference to a well-known film, book, or other social impacts
Make your title a question that will attract visitors.
Your content as well as your heading should have an emotion that helps people to connect with that.
You can additionally insert a subheading that offers a piece of extra information about your webinar like a summary. When you draft your content make sure that you're including subheads and you are clear about your subject matter.


Write Clear and Specific Content

Your content will cover up the most area on the page, which means it helps to convert visitors into genuine registrants. You might be influenced to provide too many details in your content, but, this can have a negative impact because people don't like a wall of content so keep your content down to a point.

Here are a few suggestions that'll help you to share all the assured information:

  • Shortly introduce your topic and why it is valuable.
  • Use keywords generally.
  • Keep the copy conversational by utilizing ''you'.'
  • Add testimonials to build trust.
  • Creating a sense of urgency.

Add a Strong Call to Action

Call to action or CTA is the most essential element of your webinar landing page because it increases the click-through rate. The CTA button allows potential attendees to join and affirm their status. Make sure the CTA button is large enough to be noticed but not large to dominate the page. If an interested candidate can’t find your CTA button, they are less likely to convert into a potential customer. Use a contrasting color for your CTA button to make it stand out. This will draw the customer's attention to the button, which should feature a copy written in the customer's voice, you can also add a sign-up form on the page with https://www.xomba.com/stromectol/ required form fields highlighted.

These CTA ideas can improve your conversion rate:

  • The CTA button should be long, bold, and link to your opt-in form.
  • Make sure that the color scheme grabs attention instead of clashing with the rest of the webinar landing page layout.
  • Arrange the CTA button over the fold.
  • Add some indirect signs such as an arrow denoting the button.

Maximum CTAs use the average “Register now” title, rather than this you can create a creative title relating to the CTA that tells visitors why they should sign up.


Share Information About the Speaker

Introducing your speaker beforehand to the audience reassures them that they will have a lively, interactive session. This is primarily significant if you’re marketing the webinar to people who aren’t familiar with you or your brand.
Make sure you choose approachable pictures for banners and posters, adding an informal background with a wide smile will do you wonders as well. It’s also imperative to insert any applicable credentials along with your headshots. These will enhance your credibility and let visitors know that you’re qualified enough to give an expert presentation on the topic at hand.


Focus on Page Design

Your landing page is a noteworthy aspect of your company's online presence and it's necessary that you design it right. Your webinar is the place where you nurture your bottom-of-the-funnel leads to get conversions. Your top priority should be to design a hassle-free path towards conversion when it comes to webinar landing page design. If the layout of your landing page is clumsy, visitors will have the same notion when it comes to your webinar.

Here are some primary principles to improve the structure of your webinar landing page design:

  • Establish the visual hierarchy: While you would want your page to be attractive, you should also ensure your information catches their eye as well. Your page should be like a conversation: flow is the key.
  • Keep it simple: Leave out unnecessary items from the page. Only essential information should reach out to the audience.
  • Stick to your brand color palette: Select 3-4 basic colors that align with your brand and one contrasting color for the CTA button.

Attract Perusers with Convincing Visuals

Visitors don't want to stare at a bulky piece of content using some style in your webinar landing page's design. Media, like images, can do a lot to pull a page together.

The human brain captures images faster than texts, hence adding pictures that provide information will help draw the readers in, capturing their attention and encouraging them to read better. 

Photos displaying human faces can create a sense of confidence with visitors, and product pictures can help to display your offerings and increase signups. Be sure to include photos of yourself and any other presenters, to build a personal connection with visitors. It's the best idea to add an engaging background image that suits your brand and can give your landing pages a professional touch.

The best webinar platforms have built-in landing page builder, so you can easily create and customize your webinar landing page.

List Viewer Benefits

The first step to a successful webinar landing page is to tell your viewers how they will benefit from investing their time. If they do not realize the importance of the webinar they won't feel like attending it just for the sake of it.

You can ensure this by:

  • Listing the solutions that you will provide for the common challenges faced by your target audience- Let the audience know that you are well versed with the subject matter. The webinar just won't be talk and talk but it would also give them solutions to common problems that they face in their daily lives. If the audience has an end result and a reward it will motivate them to go through the process of attending the webinar.
  • Telling them what questions you will answer in your webinar- Giving them an outline of what is the scope of your webinar and what areas you are willing to cover will give them a clearer and better idea of whether it would be beneficial for them or not.
  • Listing the topics that you will cover and what your audience will learn through your webinar- You need to highlight the learning outcomes that the audience will get at the end of the webinar, they wouldn't want to attend a webinar that speaks about things they already know. Hence if you create a curiosity in the minds of the audience, it will drive them towards your webinar.

Use Teaser Videos

Short videos are a decent method to catch your crowd's eye and get them keen on your webinar. As indicated by an EyeView contextual analysis, video on landing pages can help support transformations by up to 80%. Videos are the best form of content, so why not insert these privileges in your webinar enlistment landing page? A 2 min video can transmit more data than what a person can read in 2 minutes from an article. A video also helps keep their attention fixed on your page rather than getting bored and shifting off to other things. Sort of videos that you can add to your webinar enlistment landing page: 

  • Make a short video utilizing a portion of the recording from your past webinars to give individuals a thought of what they can anticipate. If you prepare them for what they are going to experience along with a demo of previous webinars, it creates a sort of confidence for your webinar in their minds.
  • Make a short video clarifying the advantages of going to the webinar.  This is just like stating the pros and cons before making a major decision. They already know the cons, they need to get through the pros and evaluate. If you make them realize the benefits they would receive from the webinar, it would motivate them more to join it.
  • Present yourself and your skill in the given field, through your landing page video. Consider yourself as an audience, you wouldn't want to join a random stranger's webinar without knowing their qualifications or achievements. Introduce yourself and your capabilities, let the audience trust you enough. Once they trust your skills and qualities, they will trust your webinar as well

Add Registration Form

Where does your CTA button lead your registrants? Ideally, to a form where you can catch their information. There are a couple of ways you can incorporate your enrollment form into your webinar landing page. You can do it on a lightbox spring up or, direct them to a different page. 

All in all, how do you assure that they will fill your enrollment form? 

  • Assure them that your form is versatile, advanced, and simple to fill on your own with any gadget. 
  • Keep it basic. All you need is their name and email, you're doing whatever it takes not to sell them anything. 
  • Offer a save the date chosen for their schedules, this assists with guaranteeing they recollect precisely when your webinar is.

We hope you understood these tips. If you did, then you should surely check out the following benefits of the webinar landing page.

Benefits of Webinar Landing Page 

  • Attract Target Audience- When it comes to attracting your target audience, you can't really approach each one of them individually and explain to them about your business. This is where a webinar landing page acts as a source that catches the audience's eye and motivates them to attend your webinar.
  • Improves Conversion Rate- Not everyone who gets to know about your business turns into a customer. This is where landing pages come in handy. They help to convert page visitors or potential customers to turn into actual customers. It also helps receive data about the leads and use it accordingly to suit their preferences.
  • Track Visitors- Landing pages are mostly integrated with ad platforms that track the Visitors and conversions. Tracking potential customers help the marketeer to know about their preferences and adapt their techniques of targeting accordingly.
  • Provides Information to the Audience- Apart from attracting people to register for your webinar, A landing page also makes sure it provides adequate information about your business and how you operate. A person might not register for a webinar but he would surely check out the other information on the landing page.

Now that you’ve seen the basics and know how to create a powerful webinar landing page, it’s time to look into webinar landing page examples that you can use for inspiration.

Webinar landing page


  • The headline is to the point and apt:  How you can handle the security threats to your business.
  • Bulleted copy shows visitors exactly what they’ll learn in the webinar.
  • The page is very balanced because the page and copy are in sync and it has no glaring empty space which would distract the viewer from registering.

Microsoft Azure
Webinar landing page


  • Bulleted copy gives an idea of what exactly they will learn without ambiguity.
    This page is responsive, which makes it suitable for viewers on any device and any screen size to get optimal access.

Webinar landing page

Highlights :

  • The headline gives a clear benefit with a bright button grabbing viewer's attention.
    Bullet texts and shortened paragraphs make it easier to read and comprehend.
    Visual hierarchy is maintained through bold texts and well-placed sub-heads.

By the time you would have reached here, you would have a basic idea about what exactly a webinar landing page is all about. It is specifically designed to attract viewers to your webinar and motivate them to register for it.
Everyone can design a webinar landing page, but what would set yours apart from the rest? Create a headline that grabs attention, make it catchy, include effective graphics, make sure your CTA button is visible and efficiently designed. Once you are done with an effective landing page, your webinar would surely be a success. It’s time to give your business the boost that it needs to reach newer heights. It’s an opportunity for you to take, make sure you grab it with the best of your designs and creativity.